Others’ and Own’s Content

Having some time on my hands this past week-end to resume my musings and wanderings in this world, I however found myself doing something I hadn’t done in a long time—doing some catching up in a few of my favorite stores. Granted, shopping is far from being my main activity here, but sometimes, yes, sometimes, it’s simply for the sheer pleasure of piling up new designs and admiring how it all looks on… myself.

Which brought me to more musings, and thinking once again about this whole “creative content” thing. Because, let’s be honest, if I really had the time and really wanted it, wouldn’t I be able to also craft wigs, and more modern clothing, and some furniture, and a complete new skin and make-up, and… well, you get the drift. Likely, I could—”making my own”, I mean, not reproducing prim by prim what others do (this’d be lame). It’d take me numerous attempts, I’m sure, but I could probably get some results in the end, and not the worst of them. I suppose this all stems from my conception of how I should create, which basically states that “thou shalt always try to make it by yourself, instead of being lazy and relying on other people’s work”.

Yes, but what if I don’t want to do it by myself? Second Life is all about content, and I do create content, after all (even if not at a very steady rythm these days). Why couldn’t I simply sit and smell the roses, once my little part of the work is done? It’s not because I can create a certain type of dress, that I can’t enjoy the pants the girl next sim is making. Besides, I guess one could say that they’ve pulled the work as well, and seeing their clothes/items being bought is the reward. Oral (written) praises can only last you that long, huh?

Mwah, I say. Sezmra kindly provided me with make-up and a nice skin, Nephilaine’s clothes suit my dear avvie very well, and I still absolutely love the boots I bought months ago in Le Cadre. I’m perfectly happy with these for the time being. They’re beautiful.

Oh, and I gave in to a little whim and changed my haircut to a Chii-styled one: when I saw the name, I knew that I’d like it. Which tells you how much of a geek I am, right.

Is My Store Haunted?

That’s what I wondered today, after a quick trip to the room on the second floor of my house, where I usually sit when working on designs or planning to build an item. As I was about to sit on my favorite chair, I took notice of an item that wasn’t supposed to be there—another chair, a very simple one this time. It’s supposed to be mine, except that I absolutely don’t remember having ever owned it. There’s also no way of knowing who or what dropped it on my floor.

The mystery probably won’t be solved, but it may be the first sign of some ghostly activity in my house. This could be fun. Perhaps next time, the ghost will drop different kind of furniture?

What’s On Your Doorstep

Exploring and travelling in Second Life has this that you never fall short of new builds, areas and curiosities to discover. However, it also keeps you far from home… and home, sometimes, can reveal itself as being surrounded by many good builds and interesting places as well. These shouldn’t be overlooked, right?

Right under my nose – so to say – lies this nice place, carefully “hidden” on top of the huge mountain that is the center of Varney. Oh, I never found anyone living there, or at least wasn’t lucky enough for that, but there still is this vibrant atmosphere about it. These pirates, mind you, they even have a sauna, and large towels on their wooden floors, in case they’d like to sunbathe under! As for the housing itself? Among wooden huts and various green leafy trees, what more could one ask? “Appropriate furniture” is not an answer, since they have it too.

There is more to see in Varney, namely the excellent build of my good neighbor Hiro Pendragon, which is a pleasure to look at – and makes me feel each time like seriously rebuilding my own house and store, in order to make the landscape more pleasant to look at from his side on things; unfortunately, this also always makes me feel soblank regarding what to do, as I don’t feel that I could really be on par with my meager building skills I don’t have the time to develop. Blech. At any rate, if the sim has known changes like any other sim, I must say that our little corner of paradise here is most welcome, and that I should really take some more time to regularly visit what new builds and other wonders may lie there.

And you… What’s on your doorstep?

No Luck, No Download

Phooey. I thought I’d get a chance to update and log in a little early morning today, but ‘lo and behold, the automatic updater first refused to fire up, then downloading the installer from the website directly kept on freezing at 90% of the download, leaving me alone in the cold.

Since it seems I’m out of luck, I’m going to finally update this blog to the latest WordPress build, play with the CSS, and change some colors and font sizes here. I don’t like these pale greens, they’re a bit depressing.

Musings Of A Cold Morning

Posting an entry yesterday made me realize that I had grown tired of the old layout on this blog (which perhaps was also playing a small role in why I wasn’t updating it that much, among the vast sea of other things). Thus I made another change. WordPress Strayhorn’s users have created more themes in the past few months than what was at my disposal when I switched systems back in February, and there’s now more choice than ever; it was a good moment to jump on the opportunity.

The current template probably isn’t definitive – I absolutely love tweaking a theme when it comes to colors, fonts and images, since often what I like about it is the way the various elements are implemented, and not the “little details”. I’m not too fond of the pale green-ish tints, I admit. When I have more time (and don’t have to monitor a heavy forum upgrade every two minutes), I’ll add some more tweaks to make this place more enjoyable.

If it’s more enjoyable, perhaps I’ll also feel like writing more… who knows!

Picking Up Some Readin’

Even though I haven’t been in SL much these past weeks (… months…), I’ve still somewhat kept in touch with some of the blogs and what was happening in world. Thus, there was no way I’d pass the opportunity to pick up a copy of Cory Doctorow’s book, if only out of curiosity after having read some of his posts on Boing Boing. Of course, having grabbed in some five minutes ago and still waiting for it to fully rez in my home, I don’t have much to say about it yet. This will come in time.

Now, will I read it? This is a question to which I can’t answer. I’m interested in reading it, that’s a fact. I’m not sure if I’ll have the opportunity to do that in Second Life much, given the time it takes to rezz pages, and above all, not be interrupted. I deeply dislike being interrupted when I read, so in the eventuality I’m found tagged “Busy – Reading”, this is what it means. On the other hand, the prospective of such a media for distribution of a book is quite a novelty regarding the world of “games” and “virtual universes” at the moment, and it’s exciting to hold this copy of the book. A virtual copy, but a copy nonetheless.

I’m even tempted to go to the signing on July 24th, although 11 PM my time on a Sunday evening doesn’t bode well for me to be able to log in *sigh* The bane of not living in a US-friendly timezone, I suppose.

Ah, well. This can still be interesting. Much interesting.

It’s All Out Of Phase Now

So I know I haven’t updated in ages – a good two months, which is actually a lot given how much I used to write in here. I guess this pretty much tells it all… I’m not very inspired with Second Life these days, to say the least. Still logging in here and there, still checking my IMs, but simply not… thrilled by the creative possibilities anymore.

Granted, this probably isn’t SL’s fault, as I’ve been feeling the same way for quite a few weeks in my First Life too. I think it’s just that – running on an empty tank when it comes to creativity, and not interested enough in the social scene to go on hanging in world when I’ve lost my drive to come up with designs and buildings. I’m working on a few things regarding clothes, though… just not very quickly. I don’t like being like this, but what can I do!…

Sidenote to my neighbors: I know, I’m still not done with the pavillion-platform in my garden. It’s not that I didn’t tried; the true reason behind my repeated failures is that I’m utter crap at calculating what angle and exact size I need to give to my shapes, so, uhm… I haven’t managed to make a roof yet >.<

Getting Old…

I wonder if I’m the only one who finds the whole FIC thing to be a real pain in the neck? Or does everyone else think it, but doesn’t express it (or in such ways that it just adds to it without even being funny)?

There isn’t one day on the forums when I don’t see some thread or at least answer to a thread about that, and honestly, every single one of it is just as empty and inane as the previously posted one. I mean, seriously, it was somewhat remotely fun in the beginning and I admit that I snickered too, but now it has gotten way too old.

Or perhaps I just lack a sense of humor. If this is the case, then so be it.

Journey To Atlantis

Some people believe that this is not just a story told by Plato and other famous Greeks, but that Atlantis was a real place. Many people have searched for Atlantis, even claiming to have discovered artifacts. But without absolute proof, the island’s existence remains one of the world’s great mysteries.

According to Greek mythology, Atlantis was an ancient island (dating back to at least 1400 BC) in the Mediterranean Sea near what we now know as Greece. Poseidon, who was god of the sea and brother to Zeus (the top god in Greek mythology), appointed his son Atlas as ruler of Atlantis. The vast island was bigger than the continents we know today and it prospered as a peaceful, wealthy, powerful and sophisticated place. Unfortunately all this good fortune made Atlantis’s people feel superior and had them acting spoiled and even lazy. Such behavior angered the gods, who decided to punish Atlantis by destroying it with the power of earthquakes and volcanoes. At the end of one day and one night Atlantis was flooded and buried beneath the ocean, never to be seen again.

Some people believe that this is not just a story told by Plato and other famous Greeks, but that Atlantis was a real place. Many people have searched for Atlantis, even claiming to have discovered artifacts. But without absolute proof, the island’s existence remains one of the world’s great mysteries.

These words introduce the traveller to this mysterious place called “Atlantis”. Ever since I had taken note of it to be soon revealed to the public eyes, I had sworn to myself that this time, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity of exploring some more. This is now done; finding myself with some time on my hands in this fair morning, I went and delved into the depths of the Great Temple of Atlantis, marvelling at the immediate overwhelming one can experiment, being constanlly surrounded by the ocean as I was walking through the underwater corridors. The arrival area fortunately provided me with a map of the place, map that could be found at other locations, which made it so that in spite of the immensity of the place, I never got lost (and this is an exploit worth being mentioned given my poor sense of orientation).

The first room lying in front of my eyes still being under construction, I decided that I’d check this one later, and walked around a bit, admiring the delicate light shed through the glass in each corridor, finally finding my way to the Library. Information about the Gods, about the ancient Atlantis… the name was written on the floor, as I entered in: this was no doubt the domain of the mighty Poseidon. I then discovered that the forgotten city was also hosting the Avian Spa, which peaceful atmosphere indeed invites the visitor to relax.

I quickly passed near the private quarters, home of the ones who brought back Atlantis to the rest of our world (I will name Captain C. Kinsella, Engineer T. Fallingbridge, Lieutenant W. Sojourner and Medical Officer D. Sojourner); private as it was, I made no sound, and simply took opportunity of the map present there to make sure that I wasn’t lost. I then glided – for walking doesn’t seem appropriate enough in there – to Hera’s Garden, where I peacefully sat for a moment, in the fragile beauty of running water, marble statues and high chiseled pillars.

For the social ones, those who cannot imagine this mysterious underwater city without human life in it, for you there also lies a place to to dance and drink, named the Wave Room, and the L’Eau Beau, a show room from what I could see, that will make you forget for a moment that the surface and solid ground is far above your head. This is not my place, though; for a while, now, I will go on wandering, simply breathing in the quiet air, and letting the inner peace slowly fill my self as I stand among the plants and leaves. For Atlantis invites to contemplation, and not to wild movement…

Keyboard fun, vendor woes and old screenshot

Nope, this entry won’t be an April’s Fools, I’ve been too busy to think of some bullcock to post here or in any other place for that matter, so there, no funny thing in this blog for today. Sorry 😛

I logged in earlier on to finish updating my vending places, and discovered that I was fumbling major with the keyboard! Ehhh yes, the fact that it was supposed to recognize other keyboard settings than only the US one had gone completely out of my mind, thus I was still using my old key tricks to type my “:” and other punctuation marks. So much for me when it comes to reading the upgrade notes, eh? I’m pretty happy about this, in any case; it was really getting tiresome to copy/paste smilies and other things from a text file, now I can finally type “freely” again!

Speaking of the vendors, I really, really need to go peruse more again into the Gigas system or whatever else I can find. I don’t even have that many locations to update, yet they’re becoming a bother now. It’s not fun anymore to ‘port to all of these places, rezz my prims, check that my prices are properly fixed… whatever. I must be a complete nitwit though, because I’ve never managed to use the Gigas system. It updates fine on the website, but when it comes to synchronizing with the in-world vendor… pffft. I must be doing something wrong, however I don’t have the patience to check and try again. My bad. Someday I’ll do it, yesh.

And because I never got around to post or even use them, here are a few memories pictures from Chinatown (well, one, in fact). It was done with the Seburo contest in mind, yet given that I missed both the contest and taking more snapshots before Chinatown closed down, at least still I have this in store:

I’m a moron, I should really, really have noted down the closing date and taken more pictures before. Lack of time and running everywhere don’t do good for me when it comes to remembering these simple things!