Store Update

So I finally decided to put the Shinigami uniform for sale, with a few add-ons. The complete outfit contains hakama, kimono, socks and shoes. I’ve also included Vice-captain armbands for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 13th divisions (who doesn’t like a bit of ‘important function’ in life, after all).

Currently at Aozora and the Red Dragon Street Market (gee, how I love this place!).

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New York City Photo Exhibit

Good thing that I checked the forums this morning, because this exhibition of pictures taken by Craig Horton only lasts through Monday, from what the post says. Faithful to my old habit of taking pictures when I go to any kind of event/place that’s worth it, here are a few shots. The photographs are really good, so if you want to go have a look by yourself, drop by Nocturnal Threads in Pimushe (118,43).

From left to right: Grand Central (Midtown) and Restaurant Row (Hell’s Kitchen), Bright Lights in Midtown, Washington & the NYSE, Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty, towers and the Bull (downtown), The Mall (Central Park).

From left to right: Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry & The Waterfront, Liberty statue, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park City (Downtown), Frogs at Battery Park City, Tulips at Trinity Church, Trinity Church, cops, NYSE at night, World Financial Center (and a glimpse of Washington statue again).

From left to right: Flower Market, Cabs in the street and “The Pride of Midtown” (a tribute to 9/11), Chumleys (the Village), Subway art, The Firefighter’s Prayer and Theatre District.

The ice skating ring in front of NY Library.

Various scenes from Central Park (including Bethesda’s Fountain).

Panels and inscriptions: The Smoker’s Prayer, Don’t Feed The Rats, Daydreamer Accepted.

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What’s Sad About Snapzilla

…Is that, since its launch, I haven’t even used it once. For someone who used to take that many pictures in SL, it is indeed sad.

I absolutely needs to remedy to this horrible fact. Therefore, as of today, I’m going to start adding pictures here and there to my user page on Snapzilla. I guess these will mainy be isolated shots, pictures that don’t pertain to a specific series, contrary to what I did in this blog for, among other things, Atlantis. Although, who knows, I may end up posting said pictures to this blog as well, if it strikes my fancy.

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You thought I was an airhead before?

Once again, I let things slip while not even realizing that it happened. This is why I came back to the SL Exchange website tonight, retrieved the latest Magic Box(*) version, and rezzed it in world to fill it with juicy inventory again. I swear, someday I’ll notice that something’s wrong before two or three months have passed. At the least, I hope that everything’s working fine by now. It did when I tested them, and it’d better go on this way, because it’s a hassle to update.

(*) Okay, I can never say these words without laughing. Why it’s named like a food box for kids in a French fast-food joint…

More From The Clothes Front

It was the only design which files were on my laptop, but I suppose that even having the other ones under the hand during today’s evening wouldn’t have changed much to the fact that I worked some more on the Shinigami uniform. Proof’s on the right of this post. I even went as far as to grab a few more modeling poses along the way!

(Now… I just hope I got the shoes alright–these are definitely not the kind of ‘clothes’ I work on the most often, and I need more practice.)

All in all, I think I’m done with it. A few more days to let my mind rest on it, then I can take it back and decide whether to keep it for myself or not. Anyway, I suppose it wouldn’t harm to work on more armbands models, just to be able to change it if the mood strikes. I like making those.

It may seem weird that it took me so much time to realize that I was missing creating clothes, but… stuff happens, as they say. Next time I’m tempted to not work on any design for ages, I’ll try to remember that it’s not that a good idea.

/off to a good night’s sleep now

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Oh, look! CLOTHES!

Oh. Em. Gee. I think I need to thank Mr. Kubo on this one, for providing me with a burst of inspiration recently. So, yeah, I’ve discovered I’m a big Bleach fan, and after having dashed through the 24 available volumes of the manga and some of the anime episodes, what was more natural for me than… yes, you get it. I decided to make a Shinigami uniform. See here the result, which I’m quite satisfied with. I even pushed it as far as to add a vice-captain armband (I picked the 10th division one. Don’t ask me, I quite like Rangiku-san’s character. I’ll likely end up making one for each of the Gotei 13 anyway, just because I can.).

I’m now toying with the idea of adding captain uniforms, too, but the coats would be a hassle to make, and I’m not too fond of simply ‘drawing’ them as part of the hakama/shirt… Heh. Perhaps I’m being too perfectionist on this one. It wouldn’t be impossible.

Will I sell this? I don’t know yet. Maybe. It’s nothing very original in itself, but hey, at this rate, crafting a pair of shoes or a hakama in general isn’t ‘original’ either, so why should I be ashamed. I’ll see how it goes. I still need to complete the oufit with the associated tabi and shoes themselves, and I doubt I can do that before next week, but who knows…

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Long Time No Seen, And A Happy New Year

I really haven’t posted in here in a long, long time, have I?

Focusing on writing and other activites does no good to gaming time. However, since this is a new year, I somewhat feel that I should try and keep updated more often… and probably also post some of the screenshots/travel records I take, the few times I log in here and there.

Fact is, I still like Second Life. I still like its possibilities. I haven’t cancelled my account or closed shop. I’m just very unsure about what amount of time I can “afford” myself to devote to it. I don’t want to fall back into my old AO days, when playing would be almost everything I’d do with my free time; shall I attempt at being more of a regular, or will this impede my writing projects for the time being? Good question. I’ve installed SL on my laptop, so that I can log in anywhere if I feel like doing so, and it seems to run fine, although I haven’t tried it in crowded areas yet. We’ll see…

In any case, happy new year to everyone who happens to pass through here!

Sidenote: Commenting on this blog

Looks like my little corner of the SL-related part of the blogosphere had gotten indeed targeted by a certain crowd of people I don’t like to see snooping around (read: spammers). As a result, I’ve installed SpamKarma, to see if it would change anything (I don’t care about getting notice of what comments have been blocked every fardling time a spammer/spambot leaves one).

It’s the first time I’m using this plugin, though, and I’m unsure about how to exactly tweak the settings. If you experience any problem to post comments here due to that, please let me know, in world or through e-mail, and I’ll do my best to fix the problem. I’m not an unfair person, and genuine comments are always welcome.

The Things I Do and Can’t Do

I’m not going to let another month pass without updating this blog, so today will be the opportunity for me to write a little blurb about a few things that should probably be mentioned.

I’m busy in my first life. Well, that’s a fact. I’m working on many writing projects, including technical manuals, blogs (paid posts, I mean, not just idly blogging about my life and antics), and the first volume of a science-fantasy trilogy I really need to give shape to. I’m also going to take part in the NaNoWriMo project in November, so this’ll keep me busy for a while too. The direct consequence is that I can’t play as often as I’d like to. I’ve spent almost three years playing MMORPGs instead of focusing on my writing, and it’s now time for me to do the Real Stuff, the one that matters for my career.

I don’t update as often as I used to. Well, that’s a fact. The reason why is stated above. I have way less time to play, thus I have way less things to blab about, and less pictures to post.

I don’t take on any requests for custom clothing at the moment. I can’t say when I do that again, unfortunately. There’s no way I’m going to make a customer wait for weeks or even months for me to finish a requested outfit. Not going to happen. I’ve tried, and I couldn’t keep up the pace. Therefore, it was better to put things to a halt.

When I can play, these days, I prefer explore than work on clothing. I’m deeply sorry for the lack of new outfits, but I’ve once made the mistake of playing a game in a way that was no fun for me, full of “responsibilities”, and I swore to myself that never again would I do that. If I have the absolute need to take on responsibilities, I have my job to keep me busy, really. Game time is “me time”, and if it doesn’t include creating anything, well, tough. Things will shift again sooner or later, and I’ll create new outfits. It’s only a matter of time, no worries!

Spammers, begone. Seriously. Your posts get blocked anyway, you’re only wasting your time here.

Next update will contain more interesting material about castles and stuff. Yup. It’s already in the works.