What’s Sad About Snapzilla

…Is that, since its launch, I haven’t even used it once. For someone who used to take that many pictures in SL, it is indeed sad.

I absolutely needs to remedy to this horrible fact. Therefore, as of today, I’m going to start adding pictures here and there to my user page on Snapzilla. I guess these will mainy be isolated shots, pictures that don’t pertain to a specific series, contrary to what I did in this blog for, among other things, Atlantis. Although, who knows, I may end up posting said pictures to this blog as well, if it strikes my fancy.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Sad About Snapzilla”

  1. If you get as appalled with SL’s outgoing JPEG compression as I am, especially in large areas of contiguous color, let me know. Hehehe. On the brightside I look forward to your snapz!

  2. Haha, I’ll check that ad let you know (if don’t forget, airhead that I am as usual *lol*).

    For the snaps, well, I guess I need to make lots of them then 😛

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