What’s On Your Doorstep

Exploring and travelling in Second Life has this that you never fall short of new builds, areas and curiosities to discover. However, it also keeps you far from home… and home, sometimes, can reveal itself as being surrounded by many good builds and interesting places as well. These shouldn’t be overlooked, right?

Right under my nose – so to say – lies this nice place, carefully “hidden” on top of the huge mountain that is the center of Varney. Oh, I never found anyone living there, or at least wasn’t lucky enough for that, but there still is this vibrant atmosphere about it. These pirates, mind you, they even have a sauna, and large towels on their wooden floors, in case they’d like to sunbathe under! As for the housing itself? Among wooden huts and various green leafy trees, what more could one ask? “Appropriate furniture” is not an answer, since they have it too.

There is more to see in Varney, namely the excellent build of my good neighbor Hiro Pendragon, which is a pleasure to look at – and makes me feel each time like seriously rebuilding my own house and store, in order to make the landscape more pleasant to look at from his side on things; unfortunately, this also always makes me feel soblank regarding what to do, as I don’t feel that I could really be on par with my meager building skills I don’t have the time to develop. Blech. At any rate, if the sim has known changes like any other sim, I must say that our little corner of paradise here is most welcome, and that I should really take some more time to regularly visit what new builds and other wonders may lie there.

And you… What’s on your doorstep?