What’s in my closet?

One thing that struck me after one hour or two of trying my hand at clothing is that, well, one can feel quickly limited. Not exactly by the amount of possible combinations – after all, there aren’t that many games out there allowing such an extended customization – but by the feeling that “with a few hours on my hands, I’m sure that I could do this, and this, and that!”

Of course, my first attempts at “designing” clothes have been very basic, to say the least.. Playing with the long/short toggles, getting the grasp of how the various settings make said clothes fit on my avatar, applying a few textures to see how they look like once a shirt of skirt is put into proper shape… I just couldn’t go outside in the vast world with the basic set of clothes – matter of personal pride! – so I quickly threw a few things together, and made what I could call a very basic set of clothes, quickly followed by one with skirt rather than pants (yes, I like red and satin… that’s easy to see!). I’m aware that it pretty much sucks, it’s all “beginner’s clothes”, so to say, but it was still better than the basic set, and I could at least say that *I* was the one who had made them.

In any case, I won’t stop there. I have plenty of ideas, that I’m writing down as sketches for the moment before jumping to the real making-of, and toying with these clothes helped a lot already in getting the feeling of how things look on an avatar. It probably looks different from one avatar to another though, but this is something I haven’t been able to check yet.

Now I just need my new videocard to be ordered and delivered, so that I can actually go on really working on clothes on my own, and taking a few shots of them, too…