This, my friends, is annoying

Being a designer and selling my stuff in-world has good sides, but also a few drawbacks. Among the latter… the prims limitations. Because I can’t place as many “For Sale” items as I have outfits to sell. Because this kind of forces me to use vendors. And as much as the ones I’m using are nice (yeah, Hiro, we’re speaking of yours here), I don’t have much choice when it comes to placing items to sell in them: I have to put my outfits in prims first.

Now why is this annoying? For me personally, it’s not; it’d actually be more of a convenience, it’s only one prim to stuff in, after all. It’s annoying for the customers, though. There isn’t one week without me getting at least one or two IMs along the lines of “Hi, I bought [Outfit X] from you, but when I try to wear it, I end up with a [insert color of container prim] ball on my head! Help please!” And truth be told, I never feel like laughing “har, har, newbie alert”; hadn’t it been for Sezmra kindly taking my hand when I joined Second Life last summer, I’d have made the exact same mistake myself, and scratched my head more than once trying to figure out what I had done wrong. In fact, the veyr first gift Sez gave me, I had to swallow my shame and ask her how to get the top out. Yes, me, the one who designs clothes and sells them now. I was a newbie once, too.

In all seriousness – what is logical about needing to rezz the prim on the ground, right-click it, go to ‘Edit’, then ‘Contents’ tab, then drag and drop the clothes one by one in your inventory? Sure, unless another system is found (and even the one from Gigas requires you to rezz the item first in order to pay it), I’ll have to either go on with this one, stop selling in places where I’m severly limited in prims, or only keep my very latest clothes in store, except in my own shop.

In other words – if someone doesn’t instinctively figure this system out in the first second, I’m not surprised at all, really.

4 thoughts on “This, my friends, is annoying”

  1. I’m having a similar dilemma, myself. Small stalls (15-30) are becoming a bit of a pain without vendors. Unfortunately I’ve chosen to sell a lot of my items(most notably skins) as prims with “contents”.. no trans items are kind of a pain if sold in prims.

    Plus then you have the complicated outfits that are more than 2 or 3 pieces.. and then prim-based items are indeed annoying. 🙁 They really should add a “create folder out of contents” option or something for prims!

    Oh well. *scratches head*

  2. Yeah, I so love this “create folder out of conents” thing we can have with single-prims put for sale… It’s also a time-saver for the buyer, and when I’m a customer myself, I really appreciate it!

    Well, at least we can do whatever we want in our stores, but then not everyone finds the full store itself first, heh…

  3. hi! i have purchased several of your items and love them- an easy way to get around this problem- i take the “package” out. right click to edit and stay on the “general” tab. click on the “for sale” make $0L then click “contents” and close. now when i click on it and buy it from myself for $0L all the contents are placed in a folder with the name of the prim. agreed it may not help the newest of SL members but it might help some? GL!

  4. This is a trick I hadn’t even thought about when writing my entry. It’s a good one! It can be really annoying to drag all this stuff into the inventory, when there are only two parts for an outfit, okay, but I know that some of mine contain like 10 items or so… Boooring :p

    I still wish things weren’t that “complex” on this specific point, though. Eh well, I suppose it somewhat forces people to find their own little tricks and learn more by themselves about the mysteries of how to get clothes? *lol*

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