The first steps

This is something pretty usual for me… starting a “new” activity on the web, and then getting the need to do something more than just idling in it. So I’ve decided to set this little blog, helped in that, I admit, by a few examples of “Second Life blogs” I’ve had the chance to see in the past two weeks.

For a quick introduction… I go in Second Life’s world under the name of Tanaquil Karuna. I’ve actually been in this world for a few days only, and am still trying to learn the ropes. Unexpectedly – or maybe not that much, given some of my activities – it won my interest pretty fast, faster than I had thought to be honest, and I found myself having a good deal of fun toying around with some basic settings such as clothes and avatar customizing.

Although I know that all of this will still change in the future, so far it really seems to me like something I’ll be doing for more than a few days only… so here I am, slowly getting into my creative gear. I have some projects in mind, mainly clothing for the moment, and I hope I’ll be able to do something nice someday with that, once I know more.