Straight on ’til morning… a journey’s end?

It would’ve been impossible for me to write about one, and not the other… Thus, I was planning on an entry regarding Neverland itself, and it seems that now is perhaps a good moment.

Once entering the Darling’s house, the stairs leading me to the children’s room, the doors to Neverland were quickly open for me, and there I took my flight, headed through “Lovely Thoughts” to the pirate’s ship and the lost children’s isle. There, in the trees, were the houses. There, on top of the mountain, was the Indian village, where I stood watching at the fire. Yet in spite of the beauty of all these builds, they couldn’t beat the vision of the Mermaid’s pond, that caught my eye in such a fashion that I kept staring at it for a long time.

Perhaps, all in all, it can seem an empty place, compared to the myriad of little things to be seen in Olde England. Perhaps it’s why I get this feeling of “ending journey” in this place, or because we can more easily see where the land itself ends? Nevertheless, it has been an interesting place to visit no matter what, even though it won’t beat London for me.

Alas, it is now time to go. Tomorrow, December 15th, Neverland will be no more, as was intended when it first opened its doors. No more mazes and playing Cops & Robbers, no more East End, nice park and stores avenue… goodbye, tramway and fairy dust. I know however that this is something I won’t forget, something that I will treasure in my memories.