Serenite Island

Another of these beautiful sims I had never been in yet… Someone on the forums recommended to have a look at it, and so I went and… took pictures again, yes. I purposefully chose to take night pictures, since I thought it was giving even more charm to the place. When the theme is clearly celtic, seeing its cottages and forests under the pale moonlight is definitely better!

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2 thoughts on “Serenite Island”

  1. Dear Tanaquil Karuna!

    I was wondering if I could obtain permission to use 2 of the lovely screen shots you took on your tour of Second Life in a report I’m writing on the Metaverse? I’d be happy to give you full credit.

    Thank you!

    Clayton Imeri

  2. Hi!

    No problem with me, you can use the screenshots you want. If possible (i.e. if it’s something that’ll be put online), please just leave me later on a link to the report – out of curiosity, of course. 🙂

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