Others’ and Own’s Content

Having some time on my hands this past week-end to resume my musings and wanderings in this world, I however found myself doing something I hadn’t done in a long time—doing some catching up in a few of my favorite stores. Granted, shopping is far from being my main activity here, but sometimes, yes, sometimes, it’s simply for the sheer pleasure of piling up new designs and admiring how it all looks on… myself.

Which brought me to more musings, and thinking once again about this whole “creative content” thing. Because, let’s be honest, if I really had the time and really wanted it, wouldn’t I be able to also craft wigs, and more modern clothing, and some furniture, and a complete new skin and make-up, and… well, you get the drift. Likely, I could—”making my own”, I mean, not reproducing prim by prim what others do (this’d be lame). It’d take me numerous attempts, I’m sure, but I could probably get some results in the end, and not the worst of them. I suppose this all stems from my conception of how I should create, which basically states that “thou shalt always try to make it by yourself, instead of being lazy and relying on other people’s work”.

Yes, but what if I don’t want to do it by myself? Second Life is all about content, and I do create content, after all (even if not at a very steady rythm these days). Why couldn’t I simply sit and smell the roses, once my little part of the work is done? It’s not because I can create a certain type of dress, that I can’t enjoy the pants the girl next sim is making. Besides, I guess one could say that they’ve pulled the work as well, and seeing their clothes/items being bought is the reward. Oral (written) praises can only last you that long, huh?

Mwah, I say. Sezmra kindly provided me with make-up and a nice skin, Nephilaine’s clothes suit my dear avvie very well, and I still absolutely love the boots I bought months ago in Le Cadre. I’m perfectly happy with these for the time being. They’re beautiful.

Oh, and I gave in to a little whim and changed my haircut to a Chii-styled one: when I saw the name, I knew that I’d like it. Which tells you how much of a geek I am, right.

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  1. I just wanted to say, “Nice Blog”. Your words seem to take on a life of their own while describing your adventures. Keep up the good work. I have the same struggle with pride in demanding my own creativeness in SL. You seem to have found your peace.

    “May we indeed live in interesting times?”

    Router Doesburg, SL resident

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