Oh finally!

You: YadNi Monde: Hi , WHEN will Europeans get AT LAST the MAPPING correct of the Keyboards Please, and when will the QWERTY SWAP BUG STOP ? Thanks in Advance =D
Cory Linden: Yadni: 1.6. We’re going to support international kb’s correctly with that release. One of the key features, in our opinion.

Gee, it was high time!

No more keeping a text file open with “:)”, “;)” and other signs in it to copy/paste in-world!…

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  1. As I said in LiveJournal…


    At last!

    I already get confused switching between mappings… seeing @ on the key and getting “, and vice versa, or seeing £ and getting #… and that’s just on a UK board… other Europeans must get it a lot worse.


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