No Luck, No Download

Phooey. I thought I’d get a chance to update and log in a little early morning today, but ‘lo and behold, the automatic updater first refused to fire up, then downloading the installer from the website directly kept on freezing at 90% of the download, leaving me alone in the cold.

Since it seems I’m out of luck, I’m going to finally update this blog to the latest WordPress build, play with the CSS, and change some colors and font sizes here. I don’t like these pale greens, they’re a bit depressing.

3 thoughts on “No Luck, No Download”

  1. A graphic calendar is beeing displayed in the middle of the page. It obscures the left part of anything displayed. I actually had to guess when I was leaving this comment because it covered the left part of the display and doesn’t seem to be closeable.

  2. Gah. What was the browser you were using? I’ve tested it here on IE 6 and Firefox (the latest version that was out like 2 days ago), and everything looked fine, but it’s not impossible that it causes problems on other ones…

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