Musings Of A Cold Morning

Posting an entry yesterday made me realize that I had grown tired of the old layout on this blog (which perhaps was also playing a small role in why I wasn’t updating it that much, among the vast sea of other things). Thus I made another change. WordPress Strayhorn’s users have created more themes in the past few months than what was at my disposal when I switched systems back in February, and there’s now more choice than ever; it was a good moment to jump on the opportunity.

The current template probably isn’t definitive – I absolutely love tweaking a theme when it comes to colors, fonts and images, since often what I like about it is the way the various elements are implemented, and not the “little details”. I’m not too fond of the pale green-ish tints, I admit. When I have more time (and don’t have to monitor a heavy forum upgrade every two minutes), I’ll add some more tweaks to make this place more enjoyable.

If it’s more enjoyable, perhaps I’ll also feel like writing more… who knows!

2 thoughts on “Musings Of A Cold Morning”

  1. I liked the old format better. Problaby because the new text shows up so small! Nevertheless, I’m glad to see some new posts. I was a regular reader when it was busy.

  2. Good, good, this comes just in time to remind me that I still need t odo the tweaking… Or put another theme, I haven’t been able to really decide! It’s true that the font may seem small… specially on the sidebar, come to think of it.

    I wish I could write more posts here. I’ve been quite busy in the past weeks (months, even), and my time in SL has dwindled accordingly, which means less exploring and less material to blog about. I don’t want to let this blog down, though, so I’ll try to write some more in it again as soon as I can.

    In any case, I feel flattered that you liked reading it 🙂

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