More From The Clothes Front

It was the only design which files were on my laptop, but I suppose that even having the other ones under the hand during today’s evening wouldn’t have changed much to the fact that I worked some more on the Shinigami uniform. Proof’s on the right of this post. I even went as far as to grab a few more modeling poses along the way!

(Now… I just hope I got the shoes alright–these are definitely not the kind of ‘clothes’ I work on the most often, and I need more practice.)

All in all, I think I’m done with it. A few more days to let my mind rest on it, then I can take it back and decide whether to keep it for myself or not. Anyway, I suppose it wouldn’t harm to work on more armbands models, just to be able to change it if the mood strikes. I like making those.

It may seem weird that it took me so much time to realize that I was missing creating clothes, but… stuff happens, as they say. Next time I’m tempted to not work on any design for ages, I’ll try to remember that it’s not that a good idea.

/off to a good night’s sleep now

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