Mistress Midnight’s fashion show

So I was at DoveVogue Fashion yesterday evening, for the fashion show featuring Mistress Midnight’s creations. I had never been to a such an event in SL before that, and as I’ve recently been invited to join their group, I thought that attending would be a nice way to get to know the “usual crowd” some more, or at least how this kind of things is organized.

Bit of laggy at first, unfortunately (as always when many people are gathered, nothing surprising here), but a pretty friendly crowd, and a nice ambience. Mistress herself was among the spectators, of course, and, even though I have little knowledge of fashion shows (whether in RL or in SL), I think that the whole event was well-done. It was quite interesting to see her clothes (very nice clothes, by the way – I never regretted any purchase done at her store in Umber) modeled by “real” people, so to say; as talented as we can be to craft presentation pictures for our creations when putting them in boxes for sale, it’s definitely always better when we can see them on a model, how they “behave” on an avatar, and how they “react” to the body movements.

Guess what I did, as usual… I took a few pictures, of course! Would be a shame not to, in such circumstances:

Then… then, my connexion crashed and I couldn’t reconnect to the game. And as it was already past midnight, I just went to bed *sighs* But the part I attended, at least, was nice.