Midnight in the garden of…

It had been quite a while I hadn’t gone back to Midnight City, and believe it or not, as of today, I still haven’t visited all the shops that are there! (Visited, not necessarily to buy something, but the build themselves reflet their owners very well, and the diversity is really impressive) In fact, when I went there a few days ago, I still didn’t visit much of it, for the “town square” was covered with snow – it was actually snowing – and with various cheerful little “builds”, ranging from a bright-yellow sports car to huge snowmen. And in the middle of this, Mr Hanky him(it?)self.

As usual when I see funny and nicely built things, I had to take some pictures. I also had a bit of a chat with Torley, and yeah, even though we often enough chat in IMs, it was the first time I was actually meeting “Torley Jr” in-world, and not only through screenshots or what other people say. Must say that my day was complete, then 😉

The huge globe Cooking the giant snowman??
Mr Hanky! And finally meeting Torley Jr 😀

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  1. Oooh la la! *beams* So nice to meet you inworld at last too, Tanaquil. It certainly makes a difference. I am actually adverse to long IM conversations because they are so devoid of the rich expression that comes with multimedia. It was good, then, that we could chill out in the snow — literally! 🙂

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