Long Time No Seen, And A Happy New Year

I really haven’t posted in here in a long, long time, have I?

Focusing on writing and other activites does no good to gaming time. However, since this is a new year, I somewhat feel that I should try and keep updated more often… and probably also post some of the screenshots/travel records I take, the few times I log in here and there.

Fact is, I still like Second Life. I still like its possibilities. I haven’t cancelled my account or closed shop. I’m just very unsure about what amount of time I can “afford” myself to devote to it. I don’t want to fall back into my old AO days, when playing would be almost everything I’d do with my free time; shall I attempt at being more of a regular, or will this impede my writing projects for the time being? Good question. I’ve installed SL on my laptop, so that I can log in anywhere if I feel like doing so, and it seems to run fine, although I haven’t tried it in crowded areas yet. We’ll see…

In any case, happy new year to everyone who happens to pass through here!