Last day of the Winter Expo

Even though I didn’t update this diary since before Christmas, I still wanted to add a last bit about the Winter expo in Zermatt/Moritz, since more people have built there since I myself started my build. Unfortunately, I never got around to really “finish” it or scrap it and do something else, but… I’m still content with it as it is.

No long blabberings today though… only pictures:

1. My own build
2. Sezmra Svarog’s snowglobe
3. Ryntha Suavage’s cat and angel
4. Siobhan Taylor’s ice tower
5. Tiger Crossing’s snowflake and Cosmo Drago’s Old Man Winter statue
6. Shadow Weaver’s ice dragon
7. David Valentino’s statue and Aiden Seraph’s burning ice
8. Sarah Flora’s ice castle and small dragon
9. Toast Bard’s building and Forseti Svarog’s giant rose
10. Lash Xevious’ “No Reason To Despair”

I believe this will all be scrapped tomorrow, or at least very soon…

And Happy New Year, everyone!