Keyboard fun, vendor woes and old screenshot

Nope, this entry won’t be an April’s Fools, I’ve been too busy to think of some bullcock to post here or in any other place for that matter, so there, no funny thing in this blog for today. Sorry 😛

I logged in earlier on to finish updating my vending places, and discovered that I was fumbling major with the keyboard! Ehhh yes, the fact that it was supposed to recognize other keyboard settings than only the US one had gone completely out of my mind, thus I was still using my old key tricks to type my “:” and other punctuation marks. So much for me when it comes to reading the upgrade notes, eh? I’m pretty happy about this, in any case; it was really getting tiresome to copy/paste smilies and other things from a text file, now I can finally type “freely” again!

Speaking of the vendors, I really, really need to go peruse more again into the Gigas system or whatever else I can find. I don’t even have that many locations to update, yet they’re becoming a bother now. It’s not fun anymore to ‘port to all of these places, rezz my prims, check that my prices are properly fixed… whatever. I must be a complete nitwit though, because I’ve never managed to use the Gigas system. It updates fine on the website, but when it comes to synchronizing with the in-world vendor… pffft. I must be doing something wrong, however I don’t have the patience to check and try again. My bad. Someday I’ll do it, yesh.

And because I never got around to post or even use them, here are a few memories pictures from Chinatown (well, one, in fact). It was done with the Seburo contest in mind, yet given that I missed both the contest and taking more snapshots before Chinatown closed down, at least still I have this in store:

I’m a moron, I should really, really have noted down the closing date and taken more pictures before. Lack of time and running everywhere don’t do good for me when it comes to remembering these simple things!

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