It’s All Out Of Phase Now

So I know I haven’t updated in ages – a good two months, which is actually a lot given how much I used to write in here. I guess this pretty much tells it all… I’m not very inspired with Second Life these days, to say the least. Still logging in here and there, still checking my IMs, but simply not… thrilled by the creative possibilities anymore.

Granted, this probably isn’t SL’s fault, as I’ve been feeling the same way for quite a few weeks in my First Life too. I think it’s just that – running on an empty tank when it comes to creativity, and not interested enough in the social scene to go on hanging in world when I’ve lost my drive to come up with designs and buildings. I’m working on a few things regarding clothes, though… just not very quickly. I don’t like being like this, but what can I do!…

Sidenote to my neighbors: I know, I’m still not done with the pavillion-platform in my garden. It’s not that I didn’t tried; the true reason behind my repeated failures is that I’m utter crap at calculating what angle and exact size I need to give to my shapes, so, uhm… I haven’t managed to make a roof yet >.<