Hair and Catalog… Catalogue… Whatever

Looks like I went crazy on experimenting this past week-end… and here’s what’s gotten out of it…

Hair — No kidding, I had never attempted at making hair with prims before. I didn’t go full-blown prims (although I tried, before deciding against it), I used a normal base as well. I find the result to be, well, not bad at all (meaning I’m wearing it in world right now to test it, and I don’t look stupid, haha). No doubt I’ll peruse this road again and more often in the future. After all, I make traditional Japanese clothing, shouldn’t I make traditional haircuts as well?

The Aozora catalog! (Or catalogue… whatever spelling fits your fancy, since Mr. Webster told me both are okay anyway.) — I discovered the THiNC Book system, combined with the printing press, which has been around for some time, just not under my nose during my extended break. I can say I’ve had much, much fun preparing the textures to upload, and now I’m pretty proud of my little catalog. It’s free, of course. I wouldn’t make my customers or potential customers pay for a catalog, heh.

On the other hand, I’m considering making a book someday–not a novel, something more along the lines of a book about clothing, with historical examples, etc. It could be interesting.

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