Griefing Is No Fun

Evidently, this had to happen on the very week-end during which I was away from home for 5 days in a row, and stuck on the old laptop because mine, where SL was installed, just decided to get frazzled (karma for July was a bitch).

I got several messages from different visitors to my store in Triangulum that someone had rezzed huge, ugly vehicles on my land, making it almost impossible to see what I was selling. Nice, it had been some time, after the double-decker stuck in my wall last month. Well, Mr or Mrs Griefer, I hope you had fun getting all that crapload of things back into your inventory, because I sure didn’t feel bad about returning it all. Besides, thanks to you, my customers now only have one minute to rez the boxes they buy at my store and get what’s out of them – or they have to go to their own land to do so. Granted, not many of my products are delivered in boxes, but still. It sucks a tiny little bit. By the way, your vehicles were really ugly. You could at least have textured them, for grid’s sake.

All in all, that was pretty weird, because I’ve always considered myself too insignificant a resident to be worth a griefer’s time. I don’t know why, I’ve always had this feeling that only people with “something worthy” (a well-known club or store) did attract this kind of attention – not the others. Maybe I’m just mistaken.

Eh, well. Things are back in order now, and my thanks go to the residents who kindly IMed me to let me know about it all. I couldn’t log in for long this morning, but if I hadn’t known, I probably wouldn’t have checked my second store today and noticed the damage by myself.