Girls just wanna have fun

A night of insomnia later and still being giddy about having finished the pictures, I decided that today would be my ‘day off’, and went goofing around a bit. Partying, shopping, wandering around. Not very different from anyone else’s activities? Perhaps, but it felt good to simply hang out in game, compared to the past week when I’d be on and about for ten minutes, then had to log out again, rinse and repeat, and all of that.

I had gotten Dee Cassidy’s invitation to Clarksburg flea market and set up my little affairs there, and when I went back to have a look at what was new, I had a pleasant chat with Aurora Playfair, who rents the space near mine. We already had exchanged a few IMs previously, but they were for mall-related matters, so not exactly something very entertaining. This one was just laid-back and nice, and that’s so fine for me. I went dancing a bit again too (and no, I don’t care about the numerous little wa-wars between clubs, I just go and enjoy… no need for more drama, especially drama that doesn’t make sense to me).

Later on in the evening, I played with my new ornithopter too, as Cubey Terra sent me the new version (it can carry two people instead of one now! Woohoo!). I love my ‘thopter. It’s black, sleek, and I manage to regularly stuff it into various buildings I haven ‘t seen becaue they weren’t rezzed yet, but that doesn’t detract to the fun! Someone on the forums suggested he could equip them with weapons, and we could duel in the sky. Battle ornithopters would be so great, really (and so close to the visions I have of them in my novel, no way I can’t love them, can I *chuckles*).

And to add to the shopping note of the day… Asri Falcone’s newly released boots are *so* great! Sure, they’re pretty expensive, but it was such a pleasure… they’re very good-looking, well-made, and with a nice female walk animation that is so much better than the ugly basic anim! I know I’ll love wearing them with my party clothes. I already do, in fact.

Now I guess I can slowly go back to “working” and to busy RL, but damn, this felt good no matter what! 🙂