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There was this thread, recently, that went like “do you remember your first post on the SL forums”. So, because I couldn’t remember it, I had a look at my profile to check my older posts, and came to realize that, oddly enough for a forum whore like myself, I don’t post -that- much… nor very meangingful posts. The occasional “Hello, [new player], welcome to SL”, bumping designers’ threads about their new creations when I feel like congratulating them, or answering a more “technical” question in the Textures forum… stuff like that. No 4-paragraphs posts full of personal opinions. I think I’m actually a very dull poster on the SL forums.

But then, I realized why – it’s plainly because the “meaningful” posts I could make, the ones where I could express opinions, would be in answer to the dozens of flamebait/land-barons-suck/personal attacks/whine threads. Down with the land barons? Either you go with the bashing crowd, or end up bashed for daring say “but I never had any problems with them”. Whinefest? Half of the time it ends up in name calling. More “serious” threads? All it takes if for two-three people to start lashing out personal attacks and go into their own private little bitch-fest for a Linden to then close the thread, or at least for the conversation being ruined for any attempt at getting back on topic. I’m not sure if this is a very recent thread, I didn’t read all the posts from before I joined, but I don’t recall that things were that bad back in August, at least. Or has my perception of things changed, have I lost my sanctified aura of newbishness?

So what… am I just too chicken to take the risk of being flamed? Perhaps. But why would I take it, for starters? I’m here to have fun, not to enter forum pissing contests in the hopes of showing that I have more cock than poster X or to “prove a point” that doesn’t matter in the end because the original intent would already have been lost under the flame.. Or under lame answers, such as this thread where whomever would disagree was answered with a short “Troll. Shut up”.

Yep. In the end, I think I’m just as good being a dull poster who only says hello to newcomers or bounces in the Classified forums each time Nephilaine puts out a new set of clothes for sale. I don’t care. Whoever disagrees with me can go flame me here, but it’s all about MY fun, finally. While people bitch at ech other in the forums, I’m going to make a new kimono, or play bingo, or go to a party.

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  1. I’ve noticed alot of forum bickering myself. I totally understand your reluctance to get involved. I dislike seeing people attacked, but posting a counter attack just fans the flames. I also remind myself that- in general- someone who posts wild inflamitory posts (like “So-and-So is a two-timing lying %^&*!!!) is probably not going to logically debate any arguements to the contrary.
    As for more general complaints, I remember logging in once only to find big chunks of my builds autoreturned by a Linden (they were deleting stuff one by one to determine the cause of lag). I was horrified- my “place” was ruined! I was ready to post an outraged note on the forums, but then it occurred to me that:
    1. The mishap, although unnerving, was not intended as an attack on me or my things
    2. Any “can you believe this happened to me?!” posts would get me labeled as a whiner (as oppossed to getting any sympathy).

    I don’t mind so-called “dull” posters like yourself and others. I suspect the Lindens feel the same way- it’s bad press for Second Life when the BBs are full of angry, childish and ridiculous flames and attacks. Heaven forbid a non player checks out the boards on a bad day and thinks: “These guys are a bunch of nuts! Join a virtual world with them? I think not”

  2. HAHAHA… WTG Tanaquil… that kicked ass. I’m especially fond of this line:

    “I’m here to have fun, not to enter forum pissing contests in the hopes of showing that I have more cock than poster X or to “prove a point” that doesn’t matter in the end because the original intent would already have been lost under the flame..”

    Can I quote you on that? 😉

    Yeah, forum bullshit. Ain’t it a shame!

  3. Indeed Olympia; also it really seems that the amount of flame is invesely proportional to the amount of logics and rationality involved… hehe. Tempers flare way too high sometimes (often?).

    And sure, Torley, feel free to quote… though I wouldn’t have expected this to be quote material, haha 😉

  4. Thank you Tanaquil… 🙂

    Olympia, yes… you make a very good point indeed in your last paragraph. People curious about Second Life — would they rather hang out with a group of grouchy, self-indulgent whiners, or a party of fun… uh… party people? 😀

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