Finally tried it…

Yep. I finally did try a game of bingo, just to see what it was like, and whether I had really missed out on something, or could live without it in SL! There was one at Miru Airport, at a suitable hour for me (well, 11 am… not that bad), and even though I was a bit intimidated at first – as odd as it can sound, I had never played this game in my first life – things turned out pretty well. It was easy, laid-back, and we were all newbies, so nobody did sound ridiculous for asking the “how do I play?” question. I think I’ll go to some more, if I can catch some (had an eye on the ones in LeCadre already, but they’re always a tad bit too late for me). Now everybody says it’s something our grandmas were playing… I need to ask that to mine, hehe. *Tana is a clueless noob sometimes*

As a follow-up, I finally managed to go to a party at the Outback too (read: the client didn’t chain-crash 10 times in 15 minutes, like it did the last time I had tried to do that). I like the place, the people are very nice, and these are usually “parties for the sake of partying”: no money-machine and stuff like that, no events that last half a hour only and then everybody goes away once there’s no money left to give… That’s a pretty nice thing. And bah, don’t care if i’m not Aussie, haha.

And now, let’s go back to working on some more clothing… need to let out a few things that are still in store in my head!