Dwell matters

It’s been that time of the month again, the Developer’s Incentives have been announced, just like in the previous two months (and more than that I suppose, I simply wasn’t in world yet at that time), and like in the previous months as well, things have gotten quite heated about it on the forums. Alternating basically between “woe to you dwellopers!” and “give us a break please!”, posts are nonetheless a somewhat interesting read. I won’t take part in it, as I’m not keen on throwing myself into drama I don’t even understand well, but it got me wondering a little.

Jealousy for some, as it’s only a few people who make it to the list after all? A valid concern, in the fear that it only encourages people to create clubs/malls/casinos/whatnot because they know the regular SL population will go to their places then? Some interesting opinions are raised too, notably that if, say, clubs are successfull, maybe it means that it’s what most people want? On the other hand, it may be true then that, well, what will be built, are “potentially successful” places only, in order to make sure to gain more dwell. There are for instance quite an amount of original builds I’ve enjoyed a lot, and come back too as well, such as Nash’s experiment, or the Sci-Fi geeks museum, yet I’m however pretty sure they just don’t get the same amount of visitors than the clubs on top of the popular places list.

In the end, what I could get from it was…

– Some of the people who got on the Developers’ Inventive list, got there because of their own efforts in organizing regular events and working their asses off. I suppose everyone has their own methods though, some will advertise heavily (and annoyingly), some others use more subtle means of advertizing, or word-of-mouth… I’ve been wondering about the “let’s make the efforts to get the dwell awards” factor, but I’m not sure about this. I know from experience that continuously organizing and promoting events/places is a hell of a tiring task though, so they probably don’t do it for this though – it wouldn’t be worth it I guess.

– There should be something more to it, or better yet, another award for other types of… let’s say less popular creations. Perhaps a “most original build” award, or something, or an award for “best designers”, or whatnot. Or maybe no awards at all? Then this would be equal for all, wouldn’t it.

– Gee, the sarcasm and underlying insults that can get out of this. I’m amazed… or not, it’s human nature after all. Everyone trying to defend their point of view, of course, but it tends to get a bit too hateful to my taste, and what for, I wonder. I must be too naive, likely.

This said, I must say that I’m still not completely sure now of what all the fuss is about. I’ll go on pinning the name “bitch-fest” above it for some time, I think.

4 thoughts on “Dwell matters”

  1. I don’t get what the big deal about these incentives are. In a month, the most popular 20 or so clubs share what? $2000US? What’s that? 100 or 200 a piece? Most stores make a lot more US$ than that by selling L$ they make.

  2. I believe we can celebrate a diversity of accomplishments. There must be a way to reward the popular nightclubs AND (not “or”) the creative places you mentioned. Have you been to Oneironaut Escher’s home in Second Life? There’s a prime example right there. 🙂

  3. It’s not just you. I’ve constantly been amazed at how bitter and upset people get about somebody else getting dwell bonuses and incentives. It seems really petty for people to spend all their time worrying about how well someone else does. People should just do the things they enjoy and play in SL to make themselves happy.

  4. Ah, no, this is a place I’m yet to visit, but I’ll be sure to add it to my list of “must see’s” then! So many things I still need to have a look at, huh!

    I just so fail to understand why so much “hatred” about it, is all. Sure, I can see the concerns, but they still don’t justify it. Maybe it’s just me…

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