A Moment of Satisfaction

I was checking my store logs this morning, when I suddenly noticed a Linden had bought one of my kimonos. That was quite a nice realization, and a nice moment of thinking “wow, so one of them has been in MY store!”.

I sure hope she likes it. 🙂

A Matter of Bathing

I don’t know if it’s because summer and the heat, or because I was reading a couple of Love Hina manga again, but I felt like trying my hand at a little rotenburo–building is fun too, after all, and it’s been too long I haven’t worked on something close to “furniture”.

There’s still much to do regarding the water (movement, steam…) and the pose balls (because people can’t click and sit on them if I put them underwater… right, they can’t?), but all in all, in spite of these few months of absence, I haven’t lost too much of the knack for using the tools. I also can’t wait to try the flex options, not because it’s the hype, but simply due to the fact I haven’t dabbled in that new area yet. New for me, that is. I’m pretty confident this wasn’t implemented in January yet.

But enough words–hereunder is a preview of the alpha version of my little open hot spring bath.

First version of the rotenburo

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A Little Dose of News

Been such a while–again. It was high time for a little update!

I’m going back to college in September, which has meant so far mucho paperwork, lookage for a room to rent (possibly NOT expensive, hehe), trying to get a State grant (but I’m too oooold), and other various things. I’ve also been trying other games, but not that much, I promise, and I still check in SL, even if not as regularly as I should. Really, I know I’d better get my shiny bottom into gear and finish the projects I was working on!

My two stores are still open, of course. Being away doesn’t prevent me from doing that.

On a sad note, though, a HDD crash left me without my source files for almost all my clothing, so I can only hope there’ll be no corruption of files server-wide, or another similar type of bug, because I haven’t retrieved everything from game yet, and if it happens… I won’t be able to replace the textures. *sighsighsigh* That’ll teach me to not use a hard disk as storage space, heh.

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Hair and Catalog… Catalogue… Whatever

Looks like I went crazy on experimenting this past week-end… and here’s what’s gotten out of it…

Hair — No kidding, I had never attempted at making hair with prims before. I didn’t go full-blown prims (although I tried, before deciding against it), I used a normal base as well. I find the result to be, well, not bad at all (meaning I’m wearing it in world right now to test it, and I don’t look stupid, haha). No doubt I’ll peruse this road again and more often in the future. After all, I make traditional Japanese clothing, shouldn’t I make traditional haircuts as well?

The Aozora catalog! (Or catalogue… whatever spelling fits your fancy, since Mr. Webster told me both are okay anyway.) — I discovered the THiNC Book system, combined with the printing press, which has been around for some time, just not under my nose during my extended break. I can say I’ve had much, much fun preparing the textures to upload, and now I’m pretty proud of my little catalog. It’s free, of course. I wouldn’t make my customers or potential customers pay for a catalog, heh.

On the other hand, I’m considering making a book someday–not a novel, something more along the lines of a book about clothing, with historical examples, etc. It could be interesting.

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More From The Clothes Front

It was the only design which files were on my laptop, but I suppose that even having the other ones under the hand during today’s evening wouldn’t have changed much to the fact that I worked some more on the Shinigami uniform. Proof’s on the right of this post. I even went as far as to grab a few more modeling poses along the way!

(Now… I just hope I got the shoes alright–these are definitely not the kind of ‘clothes’ I work on the most often, and I need more practice.)

All in all, I think I’m done with it. A few more days to let my mind rest on it, then I can take it back and decide whether to keep it for myself or not. Anyway, I suppose it wouldn’t harm to work on more armbands models, just to be able to change it if the mood strikes. I like making those.

It may seem weird that it took me so much time to realize that I was missing creating clothes, but… stuff happens, as they say. Next time I’m tempted to not work on any design for ages, I’ll try to remember that it’s not that a good idea.

/off to a good night’s sleep now

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Oh, look! CLOTHES!

Oh. Em. Gee. I think I need to thank Mr. Kubo on this one, for providing me with a burst of inspiration recently. So, yeah, I’ve discovered I’m a big Bleach fan, and after having dashed through the 24 available volumes of the manga and some of the anime episodes, what was more natural for me than… yes, you get it. I decided to make a Shinigami uniform. See here the result, which I’m quite satisfied with. I even pushed it as far as to add a vice-captain armband (I picked the 10th division one. Don’t ask me, I quite like Rangiku-san’s character. I’ll likely end up making one for each of the Gotei 13 anyway, just because I can.).

I’m now toying with the idea of adding captain uniforms, too, but the coats would be a hassle to make, and I’m not too fond of simply ‘drawing’ them as part of the hakama/shirt… Heh. Perhaps I’m being too perfectionist on this one. It wouldn’t be impossible.

Will I sell this? I don’t know yet. Maybe. It’s nothing very original in itself, but hey, at this rate, crafting a pair of shoes or a hakama in general isn’t ‘original’ either, so why should I be ashamed. I’ll see how it goes. I still need to complete the oufit with the associated tabi and shoes themselves, and I doubt I can do that before next week, but who knows…

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Sidenote: Commenting on this blog

Looks like my little corner of the SL-related part of the blogosphere had gotten indeed targeted by a certain crowd of people I don’t like to see snooping around (read: spammers). As a result, I’ve installed SpamKarma, to see if it would change anything (I don’t care about getting notice of what comments have been blocked every fardling time a spammer/spambot leaves one).

It’s the first time I’m using this plugin, though, and I’m unsure about how to exactly tweak the settings. If you experience any problem to post comments here due to that, please let me know, in world or through e-mail, and I’ll do my best to fix the problem. I’m not an unfair person, and genuine comments are always welcome.

No Luck, No Download

Phooey. I thought I’d get a chance to update and log in a little early morning today, but ‘lo and behold, the automatic updater first refused to fire up, then downloading the installer from the website directly kept on freezing at 90% of the download, leaving me alone in the cold.

Since it seems I’m out of luck, I’m going to finally update this blog to the latest WordPress build, play with the CSS, and change some colors and font sizes here. I don’t like these pale greens, they’re a bit depressing.

Musings Of A Cold Morning

Posting an entry yesterday made me realize that I had grown tired of the old layout on this blog (which perhaps was also playing a small role in why I wasn’t updating it that much, among the vast sea of other things). Thus I made another change. WordPress Strayhorn’s users have created more themes in the past few months than what was at my disposal when I switched systems back in February, and there’s now more choice than ever; it was a good moment to jump on the opportunity.

The current template probably isn’t definitive – I absolutely love tweaking a theme when it comes to colors, fonts and images, since often what I like about it is the way the various elements are implemented, and not the “little details”. I’m not too fond of the pale green-ish tints, I admit. When I have more time (and don’t have to monitor a heavy forum upgrade every two minutes), I’ll add some more tweaks to make this place more enjoyable.

If it’s more enjoyable, perhaps I’ll also feel like writing more… who knows!

So much to do!…

And there, again. In spite of my attempts to work more seriously on new clothes again, I just can’t seem to get around long enough to really finish anything. I’m piling beginnings, dabblings, sketches and unfinished files, yet I never end up uploading anything. Sure, I must admit that the nice weather we’ve had these past ten days, compared to the 30 cms of snow on the ground from February and early March, aren’t making me very enthralled at the idea of spending hours in a row in front of my computer. I’m working on it, though. I’m working on it. And I’m not forgetting the people who’ve asked me for custom clothing.

Still, I managed to put a finishing touch to the third outfit in my “Four Seasons” small collection – appropriately titled Spring, but I hope that I won’t get around to finish the Summer piece by June only! Later on today, I’ll try to hang in world long enough to put it in my store and in a few other locations of mine, if not in all of them, but this remains to be seen; Easter week-end is mini-holidays for me at the other end of the country, and I still have plenty of things to prepare and/or finish at home. We’ll see.