A nice place for a newcomer

Finally having received my new video card, and now that the game is up and running again, I decided to go back to a place I found myself liking quite a lot, and that is known as Luna.

The first time I discovered Luna was through the Search feature, I believe; it was hinting at shops and nice things for new people, so I thought that having a look would be nice. I wasn’t disappointed. The area may seem pretty basic to a long-time player, I suppose, but for someone who doesn’t know the game and its possibilities yet, it’s a nice way to discover what can be built, notably clothes-wise… and to get a few free little things on the road to help getting started.

Teleporting them directly brings a person in what I could call the “main town of Luna”, the one where the shops are located. The first building near this landing spot is one I’ve seen in other areas as well; clicking on the billboards on it allows one to grab some free items, once again basic, but certainly better than running around in one’s startup clothes, so to say.

Going further into Luna, one can easily notice the central area – the fountain and the square behind it really are pleasants spots to sit and chat with friends – and the two main streets, packed on two floors with various shops. It is worth a look, if only for the fact that some of these clothes are affordable enough for a beginner. Some, not all, but it’s already a start. One can also find vehicles and furniture shops and, from what I remember, at least one that sells avatars too.

A little trip worth being given in this area too is that at times, one can stumble upon little packs of “freebies”. On my first visit there, some two weeks ago, I had had the luck to find a pack containing a pair of angel wings, sunglasses, and some other items which I haven’t used yet but are always nice to have, I assume (including an Arabian dressing screen that would look good in a room). All free, that is, and any person can grab it. I couldn’t be completely sure given the amount of time that has passed since, but I believe these packs are not left there all the time by their creators; today I’ve found another pack, at a shop called Zapotheth, containing free shirts, while I’ve been unable to find back the first pack (the one with wings). I’m wondering if said first pack hadn’t been made by the same person at this same shop, though.

I suspect there are many other similiar places, that I simply haven’t discovered yet because the world of Second Life is so huge. But we all have to begin somewhere, don’t we.

Bigger than it seems

Currently taking these little notes as a future reminder of what my first days in Second Life were… I’ve never really done that in any game, to be honest, but here there are several things that really impressed me from the start, I must say, and made me feel like it’d be worth more than just a quick tour. I’m still running on a basic account so far, too, so for the moment I haven’t really dabbled in anything related to housing. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to do it too… we’ll see.

First of all… it’s big. So big. It may not seem so when we’re still on the training island and see these little maps in front of us in the temple, but once in the world itself, it takes all its meaning. What is nice is that, thanks to the teleporting and flying functions, I was able to do something I usually can’t do in other games: explore from the start, without any limitations of level, skill, accessing zones, etc (there may be some, but I haven’t seen them yet, at least). Thus, after some required avatar remodelling (required for me: non-edited templates have never been satisfactory for long to my eyes!), I slapped on some better clothes, and spent a few hours simply teleporting randomly from one sim to the other, looking at the land, buildings, shops, architecture, at what had been placed on said lands… Trying to spot little shops and specific names is pretty interesting in itself, and it gave me a few landmarks to keep in mind for the day I’d come back to really do some shopping or anything, if I decide to do so.

Second, designing one’s own avatar and clothes turned out to be way more fun than I had thought! I’ve never been especially talented at 3D modelling, so at first I was convinced I’d have a very hard time to craft clothes that ‘fit’… yes, I know, I wasn’t very optimistic about my skills regarding that, as I had some bad experience with 3D softwares at work. It seems to me now that it’s not that hard, or at least, that I’ll be able to do something more than just pitiful little shirts and pants in basic colors. I really like this feeling; it tickles my creativity, and gives me the urge to draw a few clothes and try to reproduce them on world.

I still need to thank Sezmra again for having pointed this game to me. What I was at first afraid to try due to thinking “I’ll never have the time, and it looks too complex”, actually turned out to be something that pretty much fits my tastes. So, if you read this: THANK YOU! *beams a smile*