The many London mazes

After the daedalus of alleys that was the East End, I soon discovered that this was far from being the only one. This all happened when, wandering in the Main Street, I noticed a hole in the ground, with a ladder in it, and decided to see what was hidden there below. As was to be expected – no less than the maze of sewers, with its share of leperish walls, long dark tunnels and cobwebs. I even stumbled upon a bomb, while wondering where the hell I had fallen. It seems also that said sewers were the favorit hasty exit way of a the people who regularly attempt at robbing the nearby bank. Charming, isn’t it!

After many attempts at finding my way, I finally found yet another hole, and climbed the ladder back to the light of day. This time, I was in front of Buckingham Palace, where I got put in charge of finding back jewels that had disappeared from the Crown. It’s still a wonder why this was asked from me, but nevermind – I entered the maze, and began to search for said jewels. An a…mazing place, yes, I think this can be said. More than once did I found my way not to an exit, but to doors leading toward the inner yard of the palace, or entering rooms more splendid than each other. I don’t know how much time I stayed inside, even after I was done., for it was quite amusing to walk in the many corridors. Then, it was finally time to get out and hand the jewels back, before going on.

Next destination: Lovely Thoughts, and Neverland itself. And thus, it’s toward the Darling’s home that I wandered again…

Shadows and mist

Even though I had meant to write about it earlier on, I never set myself to it. This mistake of mine is now repaired. Today, here comes another story of my travels to Olde England.

Right upon leaving the railway station, this time, I decided to not head to the large main avenue, and instead slid between the old buildings of what is known as the East End. Here, no fancy shops and tramways to bring me where I want to go, no palace to visit, nor lovely park in which to rest after a long day of walk. At the entrance of the Mermaid Inn, I am immediately warned about the dangers that lie in this district: “There are dark and spooky places here in the East End.” But, brave as I am, this didn’t prevent me from walking further down into the narrow streets, trying to unveil the many mysteries it was hiding.

Peeking through a widely open door, I managed to catch a glimpse of a corpse ready for burial, in the silence and simplicity of an empty coroner’s room. I found my way to a small park, that was rumored as a place “where some VERY unseemly things have happened” – and what was that on the ground, a puddle of blood? Not exactly wishing to look more closely, I turned and went to what I thought would be a more entertaining place, attracted by the charming name of Linden Estates, in spite of the floating mist I could already see through the gates. Lo, what did I find – an entrance to a Second Life, but not exactly the one I was expecting!

I began to suspect that it was time to go away when the shadows started flickering around me, when I gradually felt like someone was following me, and when I noticed this strange silhouette crossing my path, from the corner of an eye. Yet every time I turned, there never was anyone behind me, and I can say that I actually was quite frightened. When finally I managed to turn fast enough, I found myself staring at no more than a mere shadow, but one that didn’t seem very welcoming. That was set – I needed out, and fast!

As I got warned of… “Don’t linger too long – Danger is around at every turn”!

The Isle of Fun

Until now, I had only lent a somewhat unattentive ear to all the talk about Spittoonie, as I wasn’t sure of when I could visit it (I had mainly heard about the blackjack tables too, and I’m really not into casino stuff, so well). But then, I had a peek all the same, and I must say… I was pleasantly surprised.

Granted, I didn’t go very far for the moment, I just peered at the arrival area, took the monorail, and dropped at the first station. Said station however being calld “Blue Mountain”, it was quite a deal of fun in the end. There were several attractions there, that I’ve never been into in my fist life, but oddly enough, trying them here was pretty funny. The mountain ride was a blast, the Gravity Well was impressing to try (especially in mouselook, haha), and nobody can of course resist the call of the Pirate boat, can they. This is a place I’ll probably come back to later on, as the little I’ve seen of it yet was already very nice!

To Olde England I went…

There was no way I would miss seeing the recently opened Neverland project, certainly not after Fey Brightwillow and bacara Rhodes have given us yummy appetizers about it on the forums. Old England? James Barrie? Peter Pan? Sure, I’m game, and more than once! And now, I’m not sure I can really describe yet what my first feelings on this have been, except for the (poorly adequate) word of “wow!”. Amazing? Striking? Even more another world than Second life has ever been? This morning, after I had finally managed to complete a little “Victorian” dress I wanted to make specifically for this place (I have plenty of Japanese, Asian, gothic and smart outfits, but nothing like this yet), I took my first trip to the Olde England sim… and I was overwhelmed.

The story begins at the railroad station, where the visitor can find the First chapter, and also her first directions into the place. Of course, once I spotted the train itself, I also had to take a peek – did I mention I’m just in love with old engines? No? Well, it’s done now. Important note… one cannot fly in Olde England. The only way to do so is to learn from… Peter himself, says the tale! Instead, to travel into town, you can of course use your good old feet, but also take a bicycle at the station, borrow a nice little car, or ride the tramway onto the main street, where you will find Buckingham palace, and many ‘ye olde shoppes’ for all your needs if by chance you hadn’t been able to find an appropriate era costume. As a gift to visitors, all is free, and you will soon find out that trying on the clothes themselves is quite a lot of fun too.

Truth be told, there is just so much to see in there, that time flew by, and a full hour had already passed, that I hadn’t even seen more than the shopping street and a quick glimpse of the Palace! Then, stepping out of the tramway, I saw it, far away on the horizon – Neverland itself, under the glimmering stars. I cannot go there yet, I must meet Peter first. But my travel there has only begun, and only three chapters have been read so far. My ongoing trip will certainly unveil even more marvels, this I am sure of now!

The Natoma Towers

I needed to go see them, so of course, I took a few pictures. These edifices, currently located near the Ivory Tower branch in Natoma, are indeed temporary only (they’re part of – if I understood it well – a project/challenge organized by the Edifice Rex group).

From left to right, and top to bottom, the works of: Barbarra Blair, Robin Pennyfeather, Olympia Rebus, and Sulumor Romulus. (There are more, but these are the ones I snapshott’ed.)

Renaissance faire

Oblivious to wisdom that would have required me to go to bed, I went to have a little tour in-world yesterday evening, “just for a few minutes”… and, well, what happened happened: I stumbled upon an event.

This one was a small but charming Ren faire in Ku, set and organized by Ishra Psaltery. There were little tents all around, all selling medieval/celtic/elvish clothing and items. Not that I’ve ever been to this kind of event, whether in my first or in my second life… so I took a look around, admired the clothing, even found a bagpipe I can play (my neighbours will love me), then went dancing on the stage with the already gathered people.

There was to be a “best peasant outfit” contest, followed by an “elvish outfit” one; but having neither one nor the other, I simply smiled, chatted, and danced. One of the dancers had brought an irish clog animation, which ended up on the dance machine nearby, and we all ended up using it, lined along the carpet on the floor, which looked pretty great. There were long gorgeous dresses, knights in armor, peasant and wenches outfits, all in good fun and merry spirit; very laid-back and nice, some of those who were here were also clearly acting and talking in-character very much, and the hostess of the event kindly answered my questions about it as well.

Given the late hour, I unfortunately couldn’t stay long, but I promised myself to come back for the next one (it seems they’ll be hosted over a week-end every month, or something similar, although other types of events can be hosted there as well).

Evil in action!

It happened as I was regaining consciousness near Seburo in Chartreuse, after a system crash had left me hanging in this area. And there, it happened. I felt something pushing me. Again. And again. As if to get rid of me and throw me out of this land. I shrugged it at first, and took flight to be able to better see what was causing this… and it went on! Even high in the air, it went on!

I turned my head, and what did I see… an evil-looking pink bunny with blood-red eyes staring angrily at me! It kept on pushing, flying after me, even, no matter where I’d go! I went back to the ground, wondering how to stop it, then simply shrugged again and teleported to see if it’d follow me this time. Unfortunately maybe, it didn’t – unfortunately, as now I’ve lost its track, and damn me, didn’t even think of clicking it at first to see if something could be done with it…

Did it come from Chartreuse itself? From the nearby Bisque? Is it a wandering creature, to be seen randomly in any sim? I don’t know… But, at least, I brought back memories. See! I haven’t dreamt! The Evil Bunny really exists!…

Hungarian exhibition

It was due to close on the 14th, but fortunately I remembered in time to go have a look at the Prim Exhibition House in Benten, currently hosting the Hungarian photos expo. I didn’t exactly have a lot of time ahead of me, which is a shame given that it would deserve more than just a quick look, but I’m already glad I could go, and bring back – as usual – pictures to keep as a memory of it.

The whole exposition was very interesting, and it’s a shame that my own snapshots can’t render the quality of pictures exposed there, actually. The few minutes I had planned on spending there actually quickly turned in a good half hour, if not more, as I was taking my time to look at said photos more attentively, but also to read the various notecards added to the whole – bits of history regarding the crown, the coats in arms… I took a little collection of them, too, and hope I haven’t missed any now.

If I’ve understood it well, soon there’ll be another expo there, about Slovakia this time, and likely more again after this, about other European countries. I really can’t wait to see those. Who said that all there was to Second Life was clubs and malls, huh! Such little pearls of exhibitions and entertainment should really be known a lot more.

Enough blabbering now though… here are a few of the shots:

The Rivendell project

A first time already, I had – accidentally – stumbled upon this place, yet never really taken the time to give it a more thorough look. Then, today, I decided it was perhaps time; I had a few nice memories of it, and after having set my visual settings to something a little more punchy (and waited a good five minutes for every ttem to finally rezz *coughs*), I did what I should have done a long time ago already… taking a little walk, as the sun was slowly rising over the horizon, in the midst of the Rivendell project area.

“Charming” is way too little a word to describe it – I’d rather say it’s gorgeous. Surrounded by emerald-green trees… water gently cascading from the rocks… extremely well-done builds mirorring the “real” Rivendell ones… the Darkwood environment nearby, the Mordor Castle and Elven gardens… A very different ambience, yet a few feet only, sort of, from the Space Needle and the Ahern arrival area… A little corner of medieval fantasy, could I say? It fits well, in any case, with the Darkwood theme next door, and is a real pleasure for the eyes.

Funnily enough, the small house selling clothes down the main buildings looked very much to me like a souvenirs boutique… *giggles*

Video-game trip in time

“This is a fairly comprehensive museum exhibit that highlights the achievements of the hobbyist PC movement and old games from the year 1975. It’s an interesting trip to a year that most of us aren’t that familiar with, set against the backdrop of world history.”

These lines come directly from the notecard that can be received at the entrance of the Mushroom Kingdom, and are but a part only of what can be seen in it. Tipped by a signature on the forums today, I paid a little visit to this place in Fujin (250,100) to check what kind of build exactly Goodwrench Grayson had realized; I can now safely say that it’s a very funny place, not only because of the look and textures (the whole place represents the Mushroom Castle from the Mario games, and in the exact type of graphism that was found on NES, in cludign trees and clourds), but also because of the definite feeling of amused nostalgia one can feel when stumbling over old arcade games and computer magazines in the middle of it.

Right in the castle itself, is displayed an office desk with several computers on it. Not any computers, mind you: these are not less than the good old C 64, available for buying along with seveal games. Old memories rushed in me at this sight… after all, the C64 was my first comp ever, when I was 6. Yes, I’m very tempted to get one for me in here now, just for the sake of owning one again and have a good laugh at said fond memories.

But it’s not over yet, for after the castle, went the basement, if I may call it this way, and numerous treasures were hiden in it, including the 1975 museum exhibit. Issues of “popular Electronics” and “Byte” are available for free there, posters of 1975 movies lay on the walls, and notecards giving historical details about the displayed items can be easily gotten from said item themselves (in cluding a pong console and the first microcomputer BASIC). In the room nearby, arcade booths can be found for purchase too, next to a whole area is edicated to Q-bert. The place is said to be “under reconstruction”, but what I could see of it is already way enough to make one’s mind about it, I think.

A good old trip through time and memories, is this?