A Mystery Unveiled

I’ve finally met the person who’s building above the Pirate’s Hideaway in Varney!

All by chance, alright: he bumped into me near Blackmore Castle, as I was nodding off, half-AFK. We then visited his little place above Varney’s mountain–both very easy to see and well hidden, a peaceful garden of sorts with lots of trees and beautiful scenery around.

Then we descended into my store, which prims are off-alignment and as such are a curiosity *laughs*

Idle chit-chat after working on all the catalogs, hair and stuff is really a pleasant thing 🙂

Mistress Midnight’s fashion show

So I was at DoveVogue Fashion yesterday evening, for the fashion show featuring Mistress Midnight’s creations. I had never been to a such an event in SL before that, and as I’ve recently been invited to join their group, I thought that attending would be a nice way to get to know the “usual crowd” some more, or at least how this kind of things is organized.

Bit of laggy at first, unfortunately (as always when many people are gathered, nothing surprising here), but a pretty friendly crowd, and a nice ambience. Mistress herself was among the spectators, of course, and, even though I have little knowledge of fashion shows (whether in RL or in SL), I think that the whole event was well-done. It was quite interesting to see her clothes (very nice clothes, by the way – I never regretted any purchase done at her store in Umber) modeled by “real” people, so to say; as talented as we can be to craft presentation pictures for our creations when putting them in boxes for sale, it’s definitely always better when we can see them on a model, how they “behave” on an avatar, and how they “react” to the body movements.

Guess what I did, as usual… I took a few pictures, of course! Would be a shame not to, in such circumstances:

Then… then, my connexion crashed and I couldn’t reconnect to the game. And as it was already past midnight, I just went to bed *sighs* But the part I attended, at least, was nice.

Midnight in the garden of…

It had been quite a while I hadn’t gone back to Midnight City, and believe it or not, as of today, I still haven’t visited all the shops that are there! (Visited, not necessarily to buy something, but the build themselves reflet their owners very well, and the diversity is really impressive) In fact, when I went there a few days ago, I still didn’t visit much of it, for the “town square” was covered with snow – it was actually snowing – and with various cheerful little “builds”, ranging from a bright-yellow sports car to huge snowmen. And in the middle of this, Mr Hanky him(it?)self.

As usual when I see funny and nicely built things, I had to take some pictures. I also had a bit of a chat with Torley, and yeah, even though we often enough chat in IMs, it was the first time I was actually meeting “Torley Jr” in-world, and not only through screenshots or what other people say. Must say that my day was complete, then 😉

The huge globe Cooking the giant snowman??
Mr Hanky! And finally meeting Torley Jr 😀


So I’ve been “going out” a bit more again, attending a few bingos and parties, stuff like that… and at times, I’ve seriously thought I would be going mad. Why? Not because of the people… but because of the annoying people.

I’m somewhat wondering if I’m not overreacting a bit about this, yet it really makes it hard to enjoy certain events at times… really. Oddly enough or not, this has systematically been happening with “new” people. So, out of ignorance? Or just their regular selves? I have been a newbie too. I still am, in many areas of Second Life. There was a time when I was also completely broke with my pitiful 50$L stipend that wouldn’t even buy me a T-Shirt. But as far as I remember, even in my very first days in here, I’ve never: begged, annoyed people, played with bombs and rocket launchers in an area where an event was taking place, rezzed countless prims and stupid poy-poy items that were only adding to the chat- and general sim-lag, chatted incessantly when other people around were trying to enjoy an event or mind their own business. There’s a place for all and everything, and “being new” shouldn’t normally prevent anyone from at least remotely realizing (especially when other attendants complain) that they’re just being annoying, and not “funny” or “witty”? No?…

Yes… I’m probably overreacting. Yet when I’m forced to mute someone and/or a chatting item because their incessant banter-spam is driving me nuts, maybe it’s not so much a matter of reacting, but of really facing something that is damn annoying? I don’t come to an event to read irrelevant comments and cope with farting sounds and gun smoke, after all.

But! Woe to me, for being so quiet all the time! I tend to forget that it’s not the case for everyone! Haha.

Finally tried it…

Yep. I finally did try a game of bingo, just to see what it was like, and whether I had really missed out on something, or could live without it in SL! There was one at Miru Airport, at a suitable hour for me (well, 11 am… not that bad), and even though I was a bit intimidated at first – as odd as it can sound, I had never played this game in my first life – things turned out pretty well. It was easy, laid-back, and we were all newbies, so nobody did sound ridiculous for asking the “how do I play?” question. I think I’ll go to some more, if I can catch some (had an eye on the ones in LeCadre already, but they’re always a tad bit too late for me). Now everybody says it’s something our grandmas were playing… I need to ask that to mine, hehe. *Tana is a clueless noob sometimes*

As a follow-up, I finally managed to go to a party at the Outback too (read: the client didn’t chain-crash 10 times in 15 minutes, like it did the last time I had tried to do that). I like the place, the people are very nice, and these are usually “parties for the sake of partying”: no money-machine and stuff like that, no events that last half a hour only and then everybody goes away once there’s no money left to give… That’s a pretty nice thing. And bah, don’t care if i’m not Aussie, haha.

And now, let’s go back to working on some more clothing… need to let out a few things that are still in store in my head!

Girls just wanna have fun

A night of insomnia later and still being giddy about having finished the pictures, I decided that today would be my ‘day off’, and went goofing around a bit. Partying, shopping, wandering around. Not very different from anyone else’s activities? Perhaps, but it felt good to simply hang out in game, compared to the past week when I’d be on and about for ten minutes, then had to log out again, rinse and repeat, and all of that.

I had gotten Dee Cassidy’s invitation to Clarksburg flea market and set up my little affairs there, and when I went back to have a look at what was new, I had a pleasant chat with Aurora Playfair, who rents the space near mine. We already had exchanged a few IMs previously, but they were for mall-related matters, so not exactly something very entertaining. This one was just laid-back and nice, and that’s so fine for me. I went dancing a bit again too (and no, I don’t care about the numerous little wa-wars between clubs, I just go and enjoy… no need for more drama, especially drama that doesn’t make sense to me).

Later on in the evening, I played with my new ornithopter too, as Cubey Terra sent me the new version (it can carry two people instead of one now! Woohoo!). I love my ‘thopter. It’s black, sleek, and I manage to regularly stuff it into various buildings I haven ‘t seen becaue they weren’t rezzed yet, but that doesn’t detract to the fun! Someone on the forums suggested he could equip them with weapons, and we could duel in the sky. Battle ornithopters would be so great, really (and so close to the visions I have of them in my novel, no way I can’t love them, can I *chuckles*).

And to add to the shopping note of the day… Asri Falcone’s newly released boots are *so* great! Sure, they’re pretty expensive, but it was such a pleasure… they’re very good-looking, well-made, and with a nice female walk animation that is so much better than the ugly basic anim! I know I’ll love wearing them with my party clothes. I already do, in fact.

Now I guess I can slowly go back to “working” and to busy RL, but damn, this felt good no matter what! 🙂

The party syndrom

After having tried my hand at clothing, building, selling, buying a plot of land and getting a store of my own, I finally did something I hadn’t done yet since I’ve settled in Second Life: going to an actual event. I know myself well enough, I tend to easily keep in my little corner while working on a new design or building a bit of house, or to pay a visit to one person only. For once, I thought it was time to mingle with more than just two people at a time! Thus, in the past days, I gave a more closer look to the Events list, to see if there was something nice going on at a suitable hour for me.

That was two events, actually. The first one was a black-themed one, held at the Aurora mall in Varney; I have a little stall there and had already chatted with Aurora Fairplay herself a bit, so I decided to drop by briefly. I got to see nice costumes and avatars (lots of goth ones, in fact), even though it didn’t last long, as the hostess had to log out earlier than planned. The second event, was in Fantasy Castle in Bolinas, and also pretty much goth-oriented, which fit well with the place (medieval castle-type, with tapestries on the wall).

Oddly enough, I didn’t know one single person at the second party, but I had much fun no matter what! For one there was a dance machine available, so I was at least assured to not look too lame compared to the other people already dancing there and using it (here you can say I’m a dance/party newbie!). Then I met nice people, exchanged a few IMs and cards, learnt about an Asian-themed club, and even stumbled upon my neighbour from Kafiri. Oh yes, and I won 8L$ at the random raffle, yayh, I’m rich now 😉 It was different from the other “virtual” parties I’ve been used to – I had gone to some of the GSP parties in AO, and the feeling of “closeness” was something that was always present there, as it was easy to quickly get to know the DJs and usual attendants – but all in all, this difference was what made it nice. Different worlds, different places, different people: that’s all good for me, as long as there’s fun along the road!

It made me a little nostalgic however… reminding me a bit of a night-club I used to go to as a student, and that closed two years ago. They had good gothic/metal-themed parties happening there, as well as a very nice dancefloor with stained glass and dark walls. I guess I sort of realized that I actually miss it, even though I had stopped going in its last year of existence due to combined work and school (and my partners in crime not being in town anymore). Maybe this can sound a bit pathetic, but after two years spent living in the country, with no clubs around and my old friends all gone abroad, well… a party in a virtual world is still better than nothing at all.

It also made me realize that aesthetically speaking, I’m still a half-goth. I’ve never followed the “spirit” of it, but when it comes to clothing, my, now this is something I’m at ease with. Way more than rave parties and stuff like that. I think I need to go to some more events of this type in the future. It was fun… I didn’t need to think or worry about anything… it was, all that simply, fun.