Aotearoa – New Zealand Interactive Pavillion

I stumbled upon an announcement about this in the Events list, and boy, am I glad I did! Lost among the gazillions of tringo, slingo, yard sales and camping chairs fests, was this gem: the Aotearoa/New Zealand Interactive Pavillion in Uli. I couldn’t go there at first, due to connection problems and the twin power outages that kept the grid down, but Saturday was the day I’d finally get a chance at having a closer look at it. I sure don’t regret it, and I’ll encourage everyone reading this post to take a peek as well.

The first floor is, so to say, the “shopping area”: postcards, Maori artwork and costumes, books, and even a small stage–on which Luthien Unsung performed a traditional dance just for us when we were there yesterday. It’s already pretty interesting in my opinion, although the best is to come.

Up to the second floor I go. First, the Pavillion is beautifully done, that’s the least I can say. Lots of pictures of birds, fishes, NZ currencies and stamps, as well as a slideshow with landscape photographies. Second, it’s also very instructive: with all these pictures, come notecards telling the visitor a little more about what he’s currently looking at. Historical information disputes it to samples of birds’ cries.

The third floor is a reproduction of a meeting house, and of the “Marae”, the sacred courtyard in front of said meeting house. In there are displayed traditional Maori weaponry, pictures and statues. A few panels on the wall marked “Pakiwaitara” also hand out notecards that tell the story of the world’s creation, and more.

One post in one blog wouldn’t be enough to tell of all the wonders shown in this exhibition, so I’ll once again urge you, reader, to go have a look by yourself. It’ll be worth it, and a good use of your time.

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Serenite Island

Another of these beautiful sims I had never been in yet… Someone on the forums recommended to have a look at it, and so I went and… took pictures again, yes. I purposefully chose to take night pictures, since I thought it was giving even more charm to the place. When the theme is clearly celtic, seeing its cottages and forests under the pale moonlight is definitely better!

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New York City Photo Exhibit

Good thing that I checked the forums this morning, because this exhibition of pictures taken by Craig Horton only lasts through Monday, from what the post says. Faithful to my old habit of taking pictures when I go to any kind of event/place that’s worth it, here are a few shots. The photographs are really good, so if you want to go have a look by yourself, drop by Nocturnal Threads in Pimushe (118,43).

From left to right: Grand Central (Midtown) and Restaurant Row (Hell’s Kitchen), Bright Lights in Midtown, Washington & the NYSE, Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty, towers and the Bull (downtown), The Mall (Central Park).

From left to right: Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry & The Waterfront, Liberty statue, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park City (Downtown), Frogs at Battery Park City, Tulips at Trinity Church, Trinity Church, cops, NYSE at night, World Financial Center (and a glimpse of Washington statue again).

From left to right: Flower Market, Cabs in the street and “The Pride of Midtown” (a tribute to 9/11), Chumleys (the Village), Subway art, The Firefighter’s Prayer and Theatre District.

The ice skating ring in front of NY Library.

Various scenes from Central Park (including Bethesda’s Fountain).

Panels and inscriptions: The Smoker’s Prayer, Don’t Feed The Rats, Daydreamer Accepted.

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What’s Sad About Snapzilla

…Is that, since its launch, I haven’t even used it once. For someone who used to take that many pictures in SL, it is indeed sad.

I absolutely needs to remedy to this horrible fact. Therefore, as of today, I’m going to start adding pictures here and there to my user page on Snapzilla. I guess these will mainy be isolated shots, pictures that don’t pertain to a specific series, contrary to what I did in this blog for, among other things, Atlantis. Although, who knows, I may end up posting said pictures to this blog as well, if it strikes my fancy.

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