Nope, ain’t dead

And now the ratings received prior to the past 6 months are going to decay. This should drop dead right now, haha.

Gee, I wish they’d kill this thing for good, or base it on a whole other system if really they absolutely want some “rating” stuff in. The oldest in Second Life you are, the more added stipend you get… something based off comments and not numbers… whatever! But let these stupid ratings rot in Hell, for what it’s worth!

We shouldn’t even give a damn anyway. And this is the only light I’ll give to this matter.

Need to go back working on… something. Custom clothing perhaps. Yeah. I have too much things I’m terribly late on, but every time I set myself to it, something else in my first life puts me off it again. Apologies to whomever I “owe” some personalized stuff, I’m getting back to this as soon as I can! (And I haven’t forgotten the watermelon one, hee hee.)

Yeah, well…

Can’t say I’ve been in SL much in the past ten days or so, mainly due to some reorganizing in my first life that didn’t leave me too much time to be in-world (and it’s not really convenient to attend events and such when you only have 15 minutes ahead here and there). However, I must admit that some of the recent developments also didn’t encourage me to try and find the time. There’s a chilling and nasty wind blowing in here these days, it’s like the new year and the changes brought in-world have made some dark little things walk out of the closet all of a sudden, and everybody’s become snappy and irritable, at least on the forums (and in-world too from what I could see when I was in). Of course, I’m still regularly browsing the forums, because not being in-world doesn’t mean I must remain deaf and blind, after all; although, perhaps this would be a blessing, in this case!

I also kept an eye on the SLExchange trainwreck – how couldn’t I, it’s everywhere now. I’m not a person to decide in haste, and thus so far I haven’t jumped on any bandwagon of “I’m boycotting!” or “I’m not!”, but this affair sure keeps me at unease and with a bad taste in my mouth no matter what. It reeks – I can’t say it otherwise, it reeks; of more hidden reasons (in spite of the explanations given), of PR stunts, of ugly feelings. I’d be tempted to not follow the forums anymore to simply avoid seeing these, but it’s never a solution, and it just shuts one off from (sometimes) useful information.

Actually, I’m not sure if I want to take an position in this – I can and will express my views, but nobody ask me to take an active militant role or whatcrap. I don’t care whether I’m being a coward or not; I simply know well enough what it is to suffer from hard feelings stemming from a “game”, and I know that I don’t need this currently, nor will allow myself to get engulfed in such happenings again. The day I’m letting myself get down again because of some frigging online world, and the emotional involvment is indeed real, no need to blind oneself with this – the day this happens, I’ll just keep quiet and in my corner until I’m calmed down, period.

Regardless, will I pull out my stuff or not, when I’ve been in from the beginning (thanks, I must say, to Merwan exclusively, as he’s the only one I’ve ever had contact with regarding SLEx)? I don’t know, it’s been a nice ride after all, but… the answer is “likely, if things go on in such an ugly manner”. There are too many shady parts unveiling and building up to my liking, and I very much doubt I wish to be part of this for very long, even if only to see “what happens”.

I suppose it’s no use to ask “why can’t we all get along”? *sighs*

A new year begins

Because I am a downright moron who cannot keep her head on her shoulders, I jumped in game in a hurry earlier on, due to this thought that popped into my mind all of a sudden: I hadn’t taken a copy of my build for the Winter expo … which I wanted to do, to at least keep a trace of it once the land would be cleaned, and I of course forgot. Expected? Sure thing. So I hurried to Zermatt, and fortunately, the builds haven’t been wiped off yet – I guess I was under the assumption that December 31st would be the very end of it, and that it’d cleaned two days after or something. Well, at least for once I’ve been lucky, and I could grab a copy of my own stuff. Go fig.

So the new year has started, and the least I can do is that, err, I haven’t done much yet. At least I have an excuse, given I’ve been sick since before Christmas and this usually doesn’t bode well regarding my energy and creativity. Oh, of course, I have projects in the works, mainly regarding clothing, but while I managed to wipe off a little something, it’s far from being completed yet, and I don’t want to release half of it only. As for the rest? I don’t know yet. Projects, yes. (Still) Vague ideas, yes. Will I live up to my own expectations on this, it’s still too early to tell, but I hope I’ll manage to at least keep up with last year’s pace, which would already be a good thing.

Setting myself back to work, slowly… Let’s hope that this SL year will be as good as the previous one!

Christmas time in both lives

Well yes, that’s this period of the year, and it’s nice to see that it can be as joyful in an on-line world as in our first lives. Not that I’m a religious person or hold many traditions into value, but there’s always this little pleasure too in looking for gifts for our friends and families, and this is what actually matters to me.

I finally got around to draw a little Christmas card, because I always feel that if you have the opportunity to do so, it’s funnier than just picking something on Yahoo or American Greetings (or whatever the name is). Sure, it wasn’t much, but it was just that – fun and nice. I like sending cards around, and of course, I wanted to do it for the people I know in SL too. What follows will be pretty evident… said card quickly got uploaded in SL before the downtime, and I goofed around making a card in prims and sending it around. I’ve gotten cards from other people, too. It really feels good, even if it’s “not much” in itself, to share this with others.

Won’t be around a lot for Christmas itself, due to evident reasons of family and friends, so until then… I hope everyone has fun 🙂

Back to Luna?

Some time ago, early September to be more exact, I had scribbled down a little entry about the Luna Galleria, which had been at the time my first real “shopping experience” in Second Life. I must admit, I haven’t really come back there a lot since then, not due to lack of interest, but mostly because I’m usually too caught up within my own activities that it doesn’t leave much room for shopping time – these days, when I want to buy something, it’s after having seen it advertised by its designer (such as on the forums), and thus I always know where to find it; no need for much window-shopping.

This very morning, I was browsing the SL forums, and noticed an update in the “Announcements” thread regarding the Luna/Busy Ben’s lottery. I had signed in the associated thread for participants, the week before, but never really expecting to win anything (I’m not that lucky when it comes to contests/draws/lotteries). Yet, to my surprise, luck was on my side this time. I will soon be the proud owner of a little prim-space in Luna. Not sure exactly of what it entails, but it’s just nice to have won something for a change. And Luna still remains a place dear to my heart, as a fond memory, because I remember I liked to hang there, at the fountain.

I have no idea whether it is (still) a trendish shopping location, but I just don’t care. It sounds fun and nice no matter what.

Feed for my blog

To the anonymous poster who had left me a comment about this (and, of course, to whomever else would be interested by this info):

I think I’ve basically understood how to activate an Atom feed on this blog. I’ve created an account on and tried to add my own blog to the feeds I can watch there, and it worked. Normally, you just need to use the URL, but if this doesn’t work, add atom.xml to this, the file is at the root. I’m not sure about RSS yet though, unless it’s the same thing… talk of being a complete newbie to these things, huh!

Hope this helps ^_^

EDIT: I also have created a syndicated account at LiveJournal (as I know that several SL people have their account there, too); it’s, all that simply, called tanaquil_sl, and you just need to add it to your Friends in order to see updates to this blog.

Tana and cub!

I just can’t resist, because both of them are so cute… Yesterday (or rather this morning, it was well past midnight), I came back to Kafiri after Brian (the person I sold my land to) had IMed me. Back when we were concluding the sale, he had told me he intended to put a forest on my former plot, and that if he got around to put a bear on it – he already has an eagle, called Weedy, like another of the neighbors – he would name it Tana. So not only is Tana born now, but she has a cub too! Aren’t they lovely??

Aozora’s website… finally!

Realizing that if I went on procrastinating and never be satisfied, I’d also never put this darn website out… I booked a few hours today, gave myself a good old virtual kick in my shiny bottom, and went back to working on it. Granted, I had already prepared a few pages, but these were more about content than real graphic effort, and seriously needed a revamp.

The result (and first real version of the website) can now be found at Not very hard to remember, isn’t it. I say “first version”, because knowing myself I’ll sooner or later do another revamp (read: the day I grow tired of the current layout). But for the moment, it fills its role, it provided me some fun in making it, and now gives me a nice display of my works not only in game but also on the web. Yayh! go me. Until the next time, that is.

Oh, and I discovered that the Le Cadre bingo has been put to 12 pm. That means no more tiring myself to death to attend because formerly it was at midnight my time, and would often last till 2 am (on work days, that’s a killer). This is gonna be fun!

Moving again

This time for good, I hope, because I’ve found a lovely place, and no matter the tier acrobaties I had to do to take it (with the help of the owner, who kindly accepted to push the sale back until I could take the land), I’m now freshly and proudly installed in Varney, between the mountain and Hiro’s and Rimble’s places. I guess we’ll see an increasing number of Japanese builds in here in the near future, as more friendly neighbors have joined as well.

Truth be told, I’m going to have interesting things to do with this land… and it has some surprises too. but this will come in time! Right now, I’ve barely finished moving in, transporting my build, vendors and various little things, as I had to make sure everything would fit and look nice before putting my old land for sale. I know I’m going to do some transformations there, probably rebuild my house/store too at some point… so many opportunities, as the land is wider than what I had envisioned first, and this tends to make me prims-trigger-happy. If there’s one thing I absolutely don’t regret in Second Life, it’s indeed this one. And we had a quick meeting with the neighbors yesterday, all a good bunch of fine people… yes, this place is just perfect.

Goodbye, my little place in Ebisu. Granted, you were a nice place -but Varney is even nicer! 🙂

Sometimes crazy acts are what I do best

Or not… In any case, yesterday late in the evening, I did something I hadn’t seen myself doing… I bought a little plot of land to host a whole store of mine.

That came a surprise to me as well. Although I had been pondering the idea and browsing a little among the current sales to see what it was like, all these horror stories about land barons, as well as some insanities I had seen on the road (a 512m² plot for 20000L$… yeeeees), had kept me away from it so far. Yet the idea had been lingering in my head, for different reasons. Maybe because I’m already finding myself too limitated in my little Kafiri plot – heck, I couldn’t even rezz the katana Hiro gave me, because I didn’t have enough room left! -, maybe because it was a bit weird to sell my stuff in my “house”, maybe because I could afford it after all… maybe also because several times already, I’ve been asked if I have a place of mine that people can put a landmark on, instead of searching for my stuff in malls and other huge places (which I can understand: apart from the Red Dragon and Silk Water market, I myself more and more don’t feel like my Japanese clothing really belongs to a “mall” type of place…).

I cannot thank Hiro Pendragon enough, once again, for his valuable help regarding this, notably the advice he gave me on prices and “decent” land. Of course, one never exactly knows what can happen in a place… for instance, a sim can seem nice, but what if someone buys half the land six weeks after to build a huge mall? That was a chance to take… and the fact that once I did the conversion in my little Euro currency, it appeared that I could afford a 1024m² plot (not more, but 1024 is already way nicer than what I had!), also helped a lot, I admit.

In the end, past midnight (perhaps it played a role in making me acting that hastily, when usually it’s not really like me…), I finally found a nice plot in Ebisu (10,218). Decent enough sim, from what Hiro said, not much more futher from a telehub than some of the markets I often visit, near the water, and currently quiet enough. I’m hoping it will stay this way. Ironically enough, it’s just a hundred meters from the Events center, so it’s not like I don’t know the place. And, silly cherry on top, I like the name (it’s pretty nifty to sell Japanese clothes in a place named “Ebisu”, isn’t it). Yes, I know, I did say it was silly after all, and certainly not the reason that motivated me first, but it’s a nice feeling no matter what!

What now… not sure yet about where exactly this is going to lead me. It’s not more expensive than many other things I’ve done in games so far… if I don’t like it, I can give it up after a while and sell the land again… and I’ve just finished building this second place of mine (see image on the left), which gave me much fun and made me all glad. I know, the style is very similar to the one I used for my house in Anshin, but I like it, and even found a nice shoji door texture to use with it. So far it’s not very full, but at some later point, I plan on dividing it differently. Perhaps by putting my “modern” clothes – the ones I do to change my mind – on the second floor. Time will tell.

Second cherry on top… I also now have a little bit of water to park my black ‘thopter. Yes, I do have simple pleasures, in my second as well as in my first life.