A Moment of Satisfaction

I was checking my store logs this morning, when I suddenly noticed a Linden had bought one of my kimonos. That was quite a nice realization, and a nice moment of thinking “wow, so one of them has been in MY store!”.

I sure hope she likes it. 🙂

A Little Dose of News

Been such a while–again. It was high time for a little update!

I’m going back to college in September, which has meant so far mucho paperwork, lookage for a room to rent (possibly NOT expensive, hehe), trying to get a State grant (but I’m too oooold), and other various things. I’ve also been trying other games, but not that much, I promise, and I still check in SL, even if not as regularly as I should. Really, I know I’d better get my shiny bottom into gear and finish the projects I was working on!

My two stores are still open, of course. Being away doesn’t prevent me from doing that.

On a sad note, though, a HDD crash left me without my source files for almost all my clothing, so I can only hope there’ll be no corruption of files server-wide, or another similar type of bug, because I haven’t retrieved everything from game yet, and if it happens… I won’t be able to replace the textures. *sighsighsigh* That’ll teach me to not use a hard disk as storage space, heh.

| |

Can’t Believe It Took Me *That* Long

Another one of these pathetic things I should’ve done long ago… getting an animation overrider. I could’ve sworn I had grabbed one some time ago (well, some months ago, should I say), but in the horrible mess that is my inventory, there’s just no way I could’ve found it no matter what. Whatever. I get quickly tired of the basic animations, especially of the walking one, which looks quite… clumsy. No idea why I never took the few minutes needed to go find an AO–perhaps it’s because I was always wearing this set of boots with a nice walk animation included, which covered my basic needs in that regard, therefore I didn’t feel the urge to lay my hands on something else?

Anyway, the Tana can now walk in a sexy way all the time. Even in heavy boots. Even if wearing fluffy slippers in the shape of a duck. Not that I have any. Should I ever sell my soul and get some slippers, I’d rather go for the Cthulhu-shaped ones.

No, I’m not drunk. Just glad that I can finally look at my avatar moving and not think “eek, looks dumb”. 🙂


Store Update

So I finally decided to put the Shinigami uniform for sale, with a few add-ons. The complete outfit contains hakama, kimono, socks and shoes. I’ve also included Vice-captain armbands for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 13th divisions (who doesn’t like a bit of ‘important function’ in life, after all).

Currently at Aozora and the Red Dragon Street Market (gee, how I love this place!).

| |

You thought I was an airhead before?

Once again, I let things slip while not even realizing that it happened. This is why I came back to the SL Exchange website tonight, retrieved the latest Magic Box(*) version, and rezzed it in world to fill it with juicy inventory again. I swear, someday I’ll notice that something’s wrong before two or three months have passed. At the least, I hope that everything’s working fine by now. It did when I tested them, and it’d better go on this way, because it’s a hassle to update.

(*) Okay, I can never say these words without laughing. Why it’s named like a food box for kids in a French fast-food joint…

Long Time No Seen, And A Happy New Year

I really haven’t posted in here in a long, long time, have I?

Focusing on writing and other activites does no good to gaming time. However, since this is a new year, I somewhat feel that I should try and keep updated more often… and probably also post some of the screenshots/travel records I take, the few times I log in here and there.

Fact is, I still like Second Life. I still like its possibilities. I haven’t cancelled my account or closed shop. I’m just very unsure about what amount of time I can “afford” myself to devote to it. I don’t want to fall back into my old AO days, when playing would be almost everything I’d do with my free time; shall I attempt at being more of a regular, or will this impede my writing projects for the time being? Good question. I’ve installed SL on my laptop, so that I can log in anywhere if I feel like doing so, and it seems to run fine, although I haven’t tried it in crowded areas yet. We’ll see…

In any case, happy new year to everyone who happens to pass through here!

The Things I Do and Can’t Do

I’m not going to let another month pass without updating this blog, so today will be the opportunity for me to write a little blurb about a few things that should probably be mentioned.

I’m busy in my first life. Well, that’s a fact. I’m working on many writing projects, including technical manuals, blogs (paid posts, I mean, not just idly blogging about my life and antics), and the first volume of a science-fantasy trilogy I really need to give shape to. I’m also going to take part in the NaNoWriMo project in November, so this’ll keep me busy for a while too. The direct consequence is that I can’t play as often as I’d like to. I’ve spent almost three years playing MMORPGs instead of focusing on my writing, and it’s now time for me to do the Real Stuff, the one that matters for my career.

I don’t update as often as I used to. Well, that’s a fact. The reason why is stated above. I have way less time to play, thus I have way less things to blab about, and less pictures to post.

I don’t take on any requests for custom clothing at the moment. I can’t say when I do that again, unfortunately. There’s no way I’m going to make a customer wait for weeks or even months for me to finish a requested outfit. Not going to happen. I’ve tried, and I couldn’t keep up the pace. Therefore, it was better to put things to a halt.

When I can play, these days, I prefer explore than work on clothing. I’m deeply sorry for the lack of new outfits, but I’ve once made the mistake of playing a game in a way that was no fun for me, full of “responsibilities”, and I swore to myself that never again would I do that. If I have the absolute need to take on responsibilities, I have my job to keep me busy, really. Game time is “me time”, and if it doesn’t include creating anything, well, tough. Things will shift again sooner or later, and I’ll create new outfits. It’s only a matter of time, no worries!

Spammers, begone. Seriously. Your posts get blocked anyway, you’re only wasting your time here.

Next update will contain more interesting material about castles and stuff. Yup. It’s already in the works.

Others’ and Own’s Content

Having some time on my hands this past week-end to resume my musings and wanderings in this world, I however found myself doing something I hadn’t done in a long time—doing some catching up in a few of my favorite stores. Granted, shopping is far from being my main activity here, but sometimes, yes, sometimes, it’s simply for the sheer pleasure of piling up new designs and admiring how it all looks on… myself.

Which brought me to more musings, and thinking once again about this whole “creative content” thing. Because, let’s be honest, if I really had the time and really wanted it, wouldn’t I be able to also craft wigs, and more modern clothing, and some furniture, and a complete new skin and make-up, and… well, you get the drift. Likely, I could—”making my own”, I mean, not reproducing prim by prim what others do (this’d be lame). It’d take me numerous attempts, I’m sure, but I could probably get some results in the end, and not the worst of them. I suppose this all stems from my conception of how I should create, which basically states that “thou shalt always try to make it by yourself, instead of being lazy and relying on other people’s work”.

Yes, but what if I don’t want to do it by myself? Second Life is all about content, and I do create content, after all (even if not at a very steady rythm these days). Why couldn’t I simply sit and smell the roses, once my little part of the work is done? It’s not because I can create a certain type of dress, that I can’t enjoy the pants the girl next sim is making. Besides, I guess one could say that they’ve pulled the work as well, and seeing their clothes/items being bought is the reward. Oral (written) praises can only last you that long, huh?

Mwah, I say. Sezmra kindly provided me with make-up and a nice skin, Nephilaine’s clothes suit my dear avvie very well, and I still absolutely love the boots I bought months ago in Le Cadre. I’m perfectly happy with these for the time being. They’re beautiful.

Oh, and I gave in to a little whim and changed my haircut to a Chii-styled one: when I saw the name, I knew that I’d like it. Which tells you how much of a geek I am, right.

It’s All Out Of Phase Now

So I know I haven’t updated in ages – a good two months, which is actually a lot given how much I used to write in here. I guess this pretty much tells it all… I’m not very inspired with Second Life these days, to say the least. Still logging in here and there, still checking my IMs, but simply not… thrilled by the creative possibilities anymore.

Granted, this probably isn’t SL’s fault, as I’ve been feeling the same way for quite a few weeks in my First Life too. I think it’s just that – running on an empty tank when it comes to creativity, and not interested enough in the social scene to go on hanging in world when I’ve lost my drive to come up with designs and buildings. I’m working on a few things regarding clothes, though… just not very quickly. I don’t like being like this, but what can I do!…

Sidenote to my neighbors: I know, I’m still not done with the pavillion-platform in my garden. It’s not that I didn’t tried; the true reason behind my repeated failures is that I’m utter crap at calculating what angle and exact size I need to give to my shapes, so, uhm… I haven’t managed to make a roof yet >.<

Keyboard fun, vendor woes and old screenshot

Nope, this entry won’t be an April’s Fools, I’ve been too busy to think of some bullcock to post here or in any other place for that matter, so there, no funny thing in this blog for today. Sorry 😛

I logged in earlier on to finish updating my vending places, and discovered that I was fumbling major with the keyboard! Ehhh yes, the fact that it was supposed to recognize other keyboard settings than only the US one had gone completely out of my mind, thus I was still using my old key tricks to type my “:” and other punctuation marks. So much for me when it comes to reading the upgrade notes, eh? I’m pretty happy about this, in any case; it was really getting tiresome to copy/paste smilies and other things from a text file, now I can finally type “freely” again!

Speaking of the vendors, I really, really need to go peruse more again into the Gigas system or whatever else I can find. I don’t even have that many locations to update, yet they’re becoming a bother now. It’s not fun anymore to ‘port to all of these places, rezz my prims, check that my prices are properly fixed… whatever. I must be a complete nitwit though, because I’ve never managed to use the Gigas system. It updates fine on the website, but when it comes to synchronizing with the in-world vendor… pffft. I must be doing something wrong, however I don’t have the patience to check and try again. My bad. Someday I’ll do it, yesh.

And because I never got around to post or even use them, here are a few memories pictures from Chinatown (well, one, in fact). It was done with the Seburo contest in mind, yet given that I missed both the contest and taking more snapshots before Chinatown closed down, at least still I have this in store:

I’m a moron, I should really, really have noted down the closing date and taken more pictures before. Lack of time and running everywhere don’t do good for me when it comes to remembering these simple things!