Can’t Believe It Took Me *That* Long

Another one of these pathetic things I should’ve done long ago… getting an animation overrider. I could’ve sworn I had grabbed one some time ago (well, some months ago, should I say), but in the horrible mess that is my inventory, there’s just no way I could’ve found it no matter what. Whatever. I get quickly tired of the basic animations, especially of the walking one, which looks quite… clumsy. No idea why I never took the few minutes needed to go find an AO–perhaps it’s because I was always wearing this set of boots with a nice walk animation included, which covered my basic needs in that regard, therefore I didn’t feel the urge to lay my hands on something else?

Anyway, the Tana can now walk in a sexy way all the time. Even in heavy boots. Even if wearing fluffy slippers in the shape of a duck. Not that I have any. Should I ever sell my soul and get some slippers, I’d rather go for the Cthulhu-shaped ones.

No, I’m not drunk. Just glad that I can finally look at my avatar moving and not think “eek, looks dumb”. 🙂