Babes (and guys too) and guns

The moron who’s presently writing this entry had been jumping in eagerness when she learnt on the forums about the Seburo/Saedaku/Seburo PD contest, last month, and then… proceeded to completely forget to take her pictures, all of this while thinking “I still have time, I still have time, as soon as I’m in world for more than five minutes, I’ll take shots!”. Alright, alright, truth be told, I didn’t really forget about the contest… just about the due date. Somewhat I was convinced that the pictures were due in March. Well poop, this’ll teach me, next time. For now, I just have my eyes to weep, and my fingers to go trigger-happy on the snapshots, if not on the guns.

Sooo. The contestants’ pictures have been put on at the Dreaming Tree in Tavarua, and thus I headed there to see what I had missed being part of. Once again, woe is me, for the pictures are really great! Some of them definitely reminded me of Shadowrun and of a certain RP-related illustration style, which so totally rocks for me. Some others are more in the line of advertisement/cover girls… And some are also references and winks to movies, anime (special mention for the Shirow-inspired picture, mwaha), or to comical situations. Lots, lots of “gals” too – though I spotted a few men as well; it looks like we must have a certain charm when wielding big guns or flamethrowers, who knows!

I didn’t shoot all and every pictures, it’s one of these situations where people simply have to go there and see it by themselves. However, as it’s hard to prevent myself from doing so anyway, here are a few appetizers:

And now, we have until March 5th to vote, so guess where I’m going to head next

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