A Reflexion On Clothing Quality

I came to this realization yesterday, and it made both Sezmra and I chuckle:

Clothes in SL tend to be of better visual quality than clothes in RL.

Seriously, in our daily lives, how many times do we see clothes with seams that match perfectly, and other similar little details? Clothes manufacturers just never bother about that (or if they do, it’s for the kind of very expensive, high-quality outfits that I can’t afford, and have even never seen from close-up anyway). On the other hand, in SL, it looks to me like every somewhat-serious designer makes the effort of at least doing their best to match seams and textures–not to mention skins, in which case it’s a necessity for the templates’ borders to not be noticeable at all. Perhaps this is because we can never get the exact look ‘n feel of certain types of real clothes, and we try to compensate for this flaw in a different way?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I won’t care anymore and start crapping out clothes by just slapping some texture over the whole thing and not worrying about seams. It’s just another of my usual musings.