A Matter of Bathing

I don’t know if it’s because summer and the heat, or because I was reading a couple of Love Hina manga again, but I felt like trying my hand at a little rotenburo–building is fun too, after all, and it’s been too long I haven’t worked on something close to “furniture”.

There’s still much to do regarding the water (movement, steam…) and the pose balls (because people can’t click and sit on them if I put them underwater… right, they can’t?), but all in all, in spite of these few months of absence, I haven’t lost too much of the knack for using the tools. I also can’t wait to try the flex options, not because it’s the hype, but simply due to the fact I haven’t dabbled in that new area yet. New for me, that is. I’m pretty confident this wasn’t implemented in January yet.

But enough words–hereunder is a preview of the alpha version of my little open hot spring bath.

First version of the rotenburo

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