A Little Dose of News

Been such a while–again. It was high time for a little update!

I’m going back to college in September, which has meant so far mucho paperwork, lookage for a room to rent (possibly NOT expensive, hehe), trying to get a State grant (but I’m too oooold), and other various things. I’ve also been trying other games, but not that much, I promise, and I still check in SL, even if not as regularly as I should. Really, I know I’d better get my shiny bottom into gear and finish the projects I was working on!

My two stores are still open, of course. Being away doesn’t prevent me from doing that.

On a sad note, though, a HDD crash left me without my source files for almost all my clothing, so I can only hope there’ll be no corruption of files server-wide, or another similar type of bug, because I haven’t retrieved everything from game yet, and if it happens… I won’t be able to replace the textures. *sighsighsigh* That’ll teach me to not use a hard disk as storage space, heh.

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